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Course is kept in very solid shape.  The greens are very fast and tough but again in very good shape.  The course is incredibly short including a couple of sub-300 yd par 4's so if you're into that it would be fun (I'm not really).

I probably would not play here again between the snobby 'members' and the slow pace of play.  The ranger was nowhere to be found on the front 9 when a group of ladies in front of us made us wait every single shot.  Then, after they left and we were flying on the back 9, he appeared to tell us to hurry up on the 17th hole (we ended up playing a 4:10 round so no need for that).  Turns out that a TWOSOME of members were complaining that they were waiting on 16, and the ranger obviously had not been around paying attention the rest of the day.  Things like that make you not want to play a course again, especially at this price in NH.

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I brought my twin sons to Kingswood on August 11th, 2014, for a round of nine holes as a special occasion on the morning of their 24th birthday. The reservation was made and paid for online in advance. When we arrived we purchased a dozen balls, tees, two thirty dollar souvenir hats, and paid for two sets of rental clubs. The pro shop guy was polite and helpful.
The course is very nice and well maintained but the rental clubs were generally shabby and incomplete. By the second hole, one of the boys realized that the grip was missing on the 3-iron and the other found that there was no 9-iron, but two 5's instead.
We made the best of the situation and had a good time but were a bit surprised at the reaction when we informed the pro shop about the clubs. The guy looked at them, shrugged his shoulders, said sorry, and disappeared. Not very classy.
It must be nice to be able to run a business with that type of arrogance. Mine would never survive that way.

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I would reiterate previous comments that the course is fine, but the staff are condescending and snobbish. This is not a high end country club. My friend and I were in the area for the weekend and stopped by to use the driving range. I was wearing golf shorts and a nice shirt, but the snooty staff told said we'd need to leave because we didn't have a collared shirt. The way they talked down to us really irked our group. We had to get in the car, drive back to our lodging, put on a collared shirt, and drive back. Upon returning, there were no apologies for the inconvenience, nor did they thank us for making the effort to return.  The staff showed a complete lack of customer service. Needless to say, my family and friends will not be coming back.

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We played Kingswood several years ago and said we wouldn't be back because of the staff. We went back 8/16/13 and this time we really won't be back! The course itself is laid out nicely.  I would give it 3 stars if that's all there was too it. Unfortunately,  the staff are snooty and condescending.  The rates on the website show $57.50 for walking on a weekend (inc. Friday) and $79 to ride. The course isn't worth this type of premium but we figured we were walking so what's an extra $10 to try it again.
When we arrived at the clubhouse we were told that the rate is $79 walking or not and I explained that the rates on their site say $57. I was rudely told that it's $79 and the website is wrong. "I have nothing to do with the website and I can't do anything about it" was the response from the staff member. We walked anyway since all four of us would rather (and it was too late to go anywhere else).
Now, for $35 this course is in good shape but for $79 we were all expecting groomed fairways and bunkers with more than 1" of rocky sand before the dirt. Many areas were GUR but in fairness the greens were mostly good. We never saw a ranger (until the turn where he was standing), thought the group behind us screaming at every other shot would have brought someone sooner. There is no drinking water on the course and the cart girl was seen a total of 3 times (once on the walk back from 18 to the clubhouse).
Wolfeboro could use a nice golf facility but this one isn't it until they get a new owner and properly train the staff. It's worth the trip to Moultonboro to play Ridgewood or to Ossipee for Indian Mound. Either of those isn't as challenging but the owners/staff are very friendly and it's an enjoyable day.  
Club 59, on the other hand, was a nice place to get a drink and the food and service were very good.

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This course is beautiful and extremely well maintained.

Not a bland hole on the course, every shot makes you think. Lots of par 4's but they're well thought out and every hole has a different feel to it.

They take advantage of the lay of the land with elevation changes and letting the feel of New Hampshire take over. I also love that they have electric carts.

If I could play here every week I would, there's nothing about the course I didn't like-- and keep in mind I played after a week's worth of torrential rain and the course was STILL in immaculate shape.

A must play if you're in the area, you won't regret it!

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