Kings Links Golf Course by the Sea Ltd

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Great course. Very well maintained. Friendly staff. Grass driving range is great. The back 9 is very challenging and helps improve your golf skills. Fairways are wide enough to be forgiving. Watch out for the resident bald eagle that will fly down and steal your ball. It may be your first eagle!

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From first glance it seems straight forward and it is, until you hit the rough, the wind and the greens. This is a beautiful links course and my favorite course in the lower mainland. The fairways are like hitting off a mat, perfect lie almost every time. The greens are wicked fast.
There's no fancy club house, and if you don't look up you get views of farmer's fields and the dike, but this is a golfers' golf course. Come to play and bring your 'A' game. After your first 3-putt, and you will 3-putt, take a breath and take in the views of Baker and the North shore mountains.
Awesome staff, and Delta's little secret. I can't wait until Spring.

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This golf course is unlike any in the lower mainland and golfers will either love it or hate it.  It is unapologetic links golf.

It is not lush and green, it is hard and yellow.  The greens are the fastest in the lower mainland, they are perched with shaved fall aways in most directions and are built to repel approach shots.  3 ft putts must be struck squarely and with purpose.  The fairways are full of wild bounces and uneven lies.  Poor shots want to run off into the unkept fescue rough.  The bunkers are very hard so that the strong prevailing winds don't blow all of the sand away.

This is a player's course that rewards shot making and penalizes mediocrity.  You must control your trajectory, imagine how your shot will run and no crying if you can't. It's not the place for a leisurely, recreational walk about.  This is breezy linksland where you will play against the elements and test your abilities.  A poor round here can leave you questioning why you came here or even why you bother to play golf.  A good round here satisfies you like few others will.

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