Kenwood Golf & Country Club

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I only know this place from a guest's perspective and I have only played golf here.  That being said this course is solid.  It's always in great shape.  The course is hilly, the greens are smooth, and the rough can be thick.  You definitely have to hit the ball straight because every hole is tight and tree-lined.  The greens are sloped usually pretty severely so make sure you stay below the hole!  Lots of variations too so you can't get bored.  It has a great collection of par 4s.  

Only shortcomings are:
1) The driving range "ends" at 190 yards.
2) The chipping green is very far away from everything else.
3) The course is short and a par 70.

That being said if you have a chance to play here do so!  Definitely a small gem not too far away from the city.  I would love to be able to join, too bad I can't afford it.

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