Kelley Greens Golf Course

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This course turned out better then I thought it would be. I played my best round yet. The course is small, mostly 3, and a couple 4's. However the putting is challenging. Mostly every green offers some kind of slope. It may not be the best challenge for long distance golfers (some holes you may not need your driver) but you'll get a good practice getting the ball in the hole.

The surroundings were very peaceful. Very woodsy with a nice ocean breeze. Natural noises in the woods. The greens were in good shape but the fairways were kind of rough.

The people we encountered were very friendly. The starter was very accommodating, letting us finish our lunch then heading out as a twosome. The vibe on the course was people just having a good time yet trying to play a good game. They seemed to just be done with a tournament before I played so there were lots of members hanging out enjoying themselves in the clubhouse.

They have a decent sized restaurant. Mostly sandwiches were only $5-$7 and the appetizers looked good. They also do dinner specials. I noticed they do a couples 4 course dinner on Friday nights for only $32. Not bad for 4 courses for 2!

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Summer is on the way & that means every weekend at Short Beach in Nahant.  With that goes a stop at good old Kelly Greens Golf  Course when it gets dark or too cold to stay on the beach any longer  The same owners of the Tides on the Causeway owns Kelly Greens.  The menu's share some of the same items Kelly Greens menu being a bit smaller.  The  "restaurant" is made up of a average sized horseshoe shaped bar and the lines of tables along both sides.   They have great pizza & very fresh sea food. Prices like the menu are smaller that the tides. Service is very good.  The entire place is full of locals that either just finished a round of golf or are just looking to hang out & have a few at one of only three places in Nahant that serve alcohol.  The locals tend to drink a bit more than average. ;-) They have an outside bar area but service there can be limited.   Look for jazz on Sundays. Plenty of parking.  Not the easiest place to find & the locals like it that way.   HOOMPA

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Friendly staff and unique location creates a very enjoyable outing.  Its a par 30 so a little short, but a good place to practice.  I gave it a three only because some (well maybe half) of the fairways were a little rough.  There were bare spots and some standing water.  The first green was difficult due to the large slope and mushroom shaped green.  But I will defiantly be making the trip back before the season ends to play a few more rounds.  Also the club house bar / grill looks good, I might have to bring my girl there for dinner.

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This is a little nine-hole golf course with all par 3 and par 4 holes. Definitely a good price and the clubhouse has a friendly atmosphere. Fun place for hacking around.

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