Kansas City Country Club

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Founded on May 1, 1896, The Kansas City Country Club is one of the oldest country club west of the Mississippi River.  The KCCC is best known for golf, but they the club also features dining, swimming and tennis.  The Kansas City Country Club was originally located at the current site of Loose Park in Missouri; a site of great historical significance as a major battle line during the civil war. For its first thirty years, the Club existed on a handshake deal paying $1 a year lease for the land and all property taxes. When the land was sold in 1926 the Club relocated to its current location in Mission Hills, Kansas. Renowned golf course architect, A.W. Tillinghast, was involved in the design of the new golf course.  Polo was once an important part of the Club's traditions, both at the Loose Park site and in Mission Hills. Interest was lost in the sport in the 1940's. By the 1950's, the land had been abandoned and it wasn't until 40 years later that the golf course would be modified to take in the land and also provide for a wonderful practice facility.  
The Kansas City Country Club is open to members and their guests Tuesdays through Sundays.  The dress code is specific to areas of the club with notable regulations that require tennis whites on the courts and crew socks for men on the golf course.  For dining, see the specific dining locations and times for the appropriate attire.

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KC Country Club is the oldest and most prestigious golf club in Kansas City.  Founded in 1896, allegedly it is the 3rd oldest golf club west of the Mississippi River.

I've played here many times with friends and colleagues...  This is the way an old country club is operated when budget is not a consideration.  Everything here is of the finest quality: dining,  club house, golf course, staff...

One quirk of the KC Country Club.  Short socks are banned from the course!  So, don't show up in shorts and short socks that don't fully cover your ankles.  You'll be required to purchase a $20 pair of long socks from the pro shop before they will let you on the course!

This is really a great club!  Tom Watson, local PGA Legend, is a member here and he has forced them to adapt to the 21st century.  I credit Tom with driving the culture at the club to be more open and inviting to all people.

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