Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course

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Just played here for the first time and it is easily one of the most enjoyable courses to play. It's fun for both low and high handicappers- wide, generous fairways and and waste areas for beginners and options to shorten the holes for the better players who can work the the ball.

Conditions: Very good. Tee boxes, fairways and rough were lush. Greens were excellent. They looked like they were aerated a few weeks ago and were almost fully recovered. Once that happens, watch out!

Course: The course throws so many different things at you off the tee- wide open sight lines to blind shots to elevated shots with dramatic scenery. Great variety. This course doesn't need fast greens to make it exciting to play. One hole you've got a straight ahead view of the green and the next you've got a slightly blind elevated shot. The mix of different sight lines and options off the tees throughout the round is fantastic. Add that to generous fairways and you have a recipe for hero golf that's fun but fair (no one makes you pull the trigger). Most of the greens slope back to front so staying below the hole is a must. Some of the sloping is very dramatic, like the par 5 that's straight with OB all the way down the left and slopes right to left (#10?). Once that  green fully recovers it'll be a difficult par.

A review of Klipper cannot be completed without mentioning the ocean front holes. These holes are just as everyone described- beautiful. They play from elevated tees and that just adds to the whole experience. Pictures don't capture how special the area is- you'll have to see for yourself.

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(H)ave you ever been to the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course?
(A)ll the way over on the Windward side hidden in the Kaneohe Marine Corp Base
(P)leasurable golf course which captures the beauty of Hawaii, especially holes 13-16
(P)erfect place to get married, on the 16th tee which has an extra tee box
(I) said "I do" to my wonderful boyfriend now husband on Saturday
(L)oved everything about this venue, from the  friendly staff to the beautiful view
(Y)es you should get married here if you want an ocean backdrop for your special day

(E)ver since I was a little girl I dreamed of getting married by the ocean
(V)ery few beaches are as untouched and empty as this one
(E)ven Obama hangs out at this beach because it's restricted
(R)est easy in knowing you won't be photo bombed by tourists

(A)ll my wedding guests commented on how perfect our ceremony was
(F)riends of Kbay pass is only $10 and gets you on base for a year
(T)hanks to the amazing staff who set-up our chairs and helped shuttle our guests
(E)veryone fell in love with the scenery and it made our wedding day extra memorable
(R)omance on the golf course and we'll play here on our anniversary every year for the rest of our lives

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Well maintained, fun, and scenic 18 hole course. Greens are very hard, however, in terms of difficulty. Lots of up and downhill puts makes precision putting necessary. I had about 7 holes in which I had to 3 putt :/ good to play with a 4-some so you can read the putts from each other.

Reservation was a bit confusing since I was a civilian trying to reserve a tee time 4 days before, but was told I had to have called in 5 days before in order for my name to be given to the front gate. Example, I called Sunday wanting to play on Thursday, but I couldn't since the earliest my name could be submitted to the front gate was FridAy (5 days after the day I called). I was able to get on with a friend who could sponsor/sign for me to get a pass for my car on the day I wanted. If the website provided a detailed information on the reservation process, that would have helped.

The twilight $45 after 1pm rate with a free beer and appetizer was worth it! Course took a little under 5 hours and it was packed so we got paired with a another 2-some. Course does get busy so be prepared to be paired up during the twilight hours. Food and appetizer was excellent as well! Restaurant is right there on the course so there is no need to think about where/what to eat after a long hot day.

Front 9 is pretty flat with the wind being a big factor since it's coming off of the ocean. Back nine holes 13-16 have great ocean views that makes any double bogey something to not get upset about. Does get really windy though. Holes 14-16 have some blind spot tee shots, so using an iron/3 wood would be recommended.  

Grass on the rough is deceivingly thick and fluffy. Taking one club higher than usual is recommended.

Overall it's a fun, challenging course with wonderful views. Course and greens are well maintained and staff are very friendly and helpful. Cart was running out of battery, but after calling the front desk, they sent a replacement in just a few minutes.  

Will go again after I figure out the reservation system.

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Went to the Klipper Bash last Friday. Great night.
The Green was awesome!! They always put on a great concert. Good food and drinks. Fun stuff for the kids at Tiki Island. Looking forward to next year's. Klipper Bash!

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Fantastic golf course, great staff and facilities. Really a awesome value. Best military course on the island.

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