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Two 18 hole tracks. The newer and tougher Lakeside and the original Riverside. Both are fun and challenging. Course has nice putting green and a driving range around the corner 30 seconds away. Clubhouse is nice, food is good, coffee is free and attitude of all employees is better than ever. Personally prefer to play Lakeside. First hole is a par 3 which is a little strange. 14th is a long par 3 all carry over water with a tiny green. Good luck (aim for the fence right). Play these courses multiple times per year. For the price and quality its tough to beat. Does have a lot of outings. Riverside course holds more standing water.

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I would have to say disappointing describes Juniper Hills.  Conditions on the River course were ok, but there were far too many areas under repair on holes 8-9, and other areas on the golf course.  The course seemed a bit rough and not in great condition.  

What really ruined the experience for us was the ranger saying we were too slow and 2 idiots behind us wanted to play thru.  These clowns actually called the pro shop to complain.  What ever happened to the days of asking to play thru on a par 3?  We would have said "no problem".   The ranger had NO business getting involved in my opinion.  The speed obsessed hackers actually hit balls into us, and had we not been playing with teenage boys, I would have said something to them.  

I guess it's worth it to give Juniper another try and I'll come back to update my review if there are improvements.

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I wanted to share a terrible experience that I encountered at Juniper Hill Golf School in Northborough.  I signed up my 10-year-old son with his friend to take the 5-week lessons provided by Shrewsbury Parks and Rec. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and doing pretty well without medications. He still, at times, acts impulsively and is a 10-year-old boy.

For 5 weeks I dropped off my son and picked him up one hour later at the end of class. Always waved to the instructor, but that was futile as they hardly made eye contact during the pick up time.

On the final class, I decided to stay and watch the class to see what my son has learned.  For starters, he learned that rolling down the grassy hill was pretty fun. I watched him and the others take turns with their lessons, which for a child with ADHD, 19 children and 1 instructor is trying. There was another adult there, but he did not provide instruction, so I wasn't sure the point of the extra body.

I was appalled when my son ran past me, crying that he had to leave. I was actually confused as to why. He said that the instructor, Marvin Cruise, made him leave because he and his friend were throwing grass at one another while the other children were having their turn at driving the balls.

I took my son by the hand and started to approach Marvin, who then SCREAMED and pointed at my son, "He is OUTTA here!". I was actually taken back by his demeanor and hostility and do not feel he belongs anywhere around children, especially one that allows them to be dropped off in his care.  However, I was at this class and to watch this treatment, when the only reason he was asked to leave was for rolling in the grass is completely unacceptable.

When I asked why my son couldn't stay, he, again, pointed right into my child's face and yelled. "He don't listen, he don't listen every week".  This stopped lessons entirely while he continued to humiliate both me and my son, for which we paid a hefty sum for this treatment. I asked why he never mentioned this at pickup and he answered with "you're here, you see". I didn't see anything to warrant this humiliation. I told him that there was no way that I could help my son with these classes if I was unaware there was even a problem. The way this man yelled and pointed his finger so close to my child, he was practically touching his face will haunt me for a long time.

Furthermore, I had to ask Marvin FOUR TIMES what his name was and the only reason he finally gave it was because he knew I was not leaving without it.

I called Juniper Hills the next day to file a complaint and was appalled that the manager, Ken Strong was not in the least concerned that his staff could treat a child with such malice. I expressed my feelings repeatedly and he didn't as much offer an apology. In fact, he felt that I was out of line for addressing the instructor.... While my son was on tears... I acted as any parent would watching her child mistreated.  I was at my wits end.

Ken was also appalled as to why my son and his friend would even think to roll in the grass. I n fact, he said "What would ever possess the boys to do that?" Seriously? Clearly he does not have young children, and especially one with ADHD. But with his response, you'd think my child just took out open fire. I don't know what or whom he was expecting to enroll in his classes when he opened it to Parks and Rec, but clearly he is looking for children that only have a certain mold.

I had to share this story with anyone I knew because I'm sure I am not the only one out there with a boy that likes to roll in grass.  If you are looking for quality golf instruction with someone of moral values, I'd steer clear of Juniper and far away from Marvin. Thank You

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Great Public golf! 2 courses and the property makes you feel likes its private. Entire Staff has always been great.
Truly enjoy the River Course. The Lake Course is too tight for me. 13th on the Lake Course is the most impossible par 4.... Unless your hit a bomb off the tee.
Worth a trip.

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I have been playing at Juniper Hills for 3 years now. I am playing again after 18 years so I wanted a public course where I could get my game back in shape. The first course I played there was Lake. It's a lot tougher than the River course! The 9th hole on Lake doesn't take you back to the clubhouse like most courses but the course is well kept with more water holes than I like.

The River course is both beautiful and challenging. There are a couple of great "driving holes" where the green looks a mile away! Yes the 9th hole fairway is too wet early in the season and yes your ball may plug but that is my only criticism of a really great course. The 17th hole is a par 3 you have to carry the water and land on the green (200-220 years away) or you are wet. Very tough hole but fun!

If you like to walk, River is easier than Lake.

Rusty the "goose dog" keeps the geese away and the fairway and greens free of their deposits. Say hi to Rusty when you see him! He always comes running over for a quick hello when you call him.

The staff is friendly and helpful and I have always had a great experience with them.

I haven't eaten in the restaurant so I can't comment about the food.

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