Juniata Golf Club

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Just don't.

Course - subpar
Staff - conniving/idiots
Other Players - just idiots
Overall - Nope

Found a pretty good deal on Groupon for a weekend round - $35 for 2 players. We were met in the clubhouse by an older man who was obviously annoyed by the fact that we had a Groupon. He asked if we each had a set of clubs, I said "no, she uses mine". ("She" is my fiance and she's a beginner, using only 2 or 3 clubs in the entire bag).

He emphatically stated "That's against the rules! You each have to play out of your own bag." He informed us that we'd have to rent a bag of clubs from them.

I get it. Sharing clubs could have the tendency to slow down play at courses where people actually go.

But there were 3 other groups on the course and no one slated behind us. Literally no one to slow down.

The pace of play is something else i'll get into, and wasn't in the slightest hindered by my fiance using my putter.

After a little back and forth, it was apparent he wasn't going to budge, so I just said she would sit out this round and watch. We weren't going to be conned into renting a set of shitty clubs just because an old guy was bitter that we'd saved a bit of money by going through Groupon.

We got out onto the course (poorly maintained, overgrown greens, dumb layout), and the pace of play was definitely an issue, but not because our two-some. The other handful of groups on the course were dreadfully slow. We got behind a three-some of older men and after 2 hours of basically sitting and waiting, we were on hole 6.

By hole 7, another group simply cut in front of us on a par three. They just finished playing hole #11, and probably figured they could squeeze a few extra shitty holes in on that shitty course. Go right ahead fellas.

At that point, we just cut our losses and drove off the course, never to return.

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This golf course is one of the worst golf courses in Philadelphia. There's more poop from all the wild animals than there is grass. It should be more of hunting range with all the deer and geese. The grass is never cut and the putting greens are horrible. But
I guess you get what you pay for.

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I came here on a groupon which came out to $18 per person. I really couldn't complain. If your paying full price, I might skip. The greens look like my backyard. They are a bit rough and need some major maintenance. The course is fun though. There are some challenging shots and nice down hill hits which keeps it interesting. Parking is secure so don't worry about that its near the ghetto.

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I am a so so golfer living in Florida. I took my brother here for his Birthday, his wish to play. My sister made our tee time, she lives in Philly. Now a little word about this course. I like it, the layout is excellent but my goodness, you hit the ball on the fairway dead on and I could not locate the ball! It was a great view to play this course, deer stopping for look and see. The golfers behind were great for not rushing us.  I rented my brother in laws clubs for the day and the fee were pretty high considering the clubs were unmatched. Looks like these were clubs that were lost and kept by the club? Sad course not recommended for so so golfer.

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Contrary to common belief, or at least what a few people I've heard say, Juniata is, an extremely nice course! Just felt the need to get that out there before we discuss anything else. Yes, the neighborhood isn't the greatest, yes its a a bit higher priced its local competitors, but it is truly a nice course. Whats even important is that the spots on the course that arent in the best condition are constantly being looked after and renovated, which means they take pride and place care in what they do.

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