Juday Creek Golf Course

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Juday Creek was an absolute dream to work with for our wedding reception!  Choosing to have our reception here was definitely one of the best decisions we made for our wedding, and if you're considering them for yours, this review is to tell you to just go ahead and do it!
First of all, the venue itself is both huge and very, very, versatile.  Our wedding had about 120 guests, and there was more than enough space for everyone. One of our favorite things about the venue was that it is so easy to customize exactly to our design plan.  You see, we really wanted an experience that catered to all of our guests, and our design plan called for four rooms: a "lounge" type area, an area for the food/buffet, a dance floor with a club-vibe, and a bar area for relaxing and watching the game (we got married on a football Saturday).  Juday creek was able to configure the large banquet hall exactly how we described it in our meetings and our guests were frankly, very impressed!  In addition to the customizability of the hall, there were a bunch of little details that just classed everything up.  Our reception started just before sunset, and the big windows at the back of the banquet hall overlooking the golf course made for an awesome backdrop as we were doing our cake cutting and first dance.  And Juday Creek had also just finished renovating the balcony outside the banquet hall which gave our guests an additional place to hang out.  At the end of our reception, we had a sparkler sendoff on the balcony and down to the golf cart area where they had a golf cart waiting to take us to our ride.  It was great and exactly what we pictured!
On top of the venue, the staff are amazing.  Michelle, the on-site coordinator, was SO easy to work with.  Juday Creek overall was extremely flexible with our wedding, and we really felt like they went the extra mile to tailor our wedding to what we wanted.  They have a fixed menu of items and reception packages, but they worked with us to create a custom menu and bar package that fit our budget and catered to what we wanted.  We planned our wedding long distance (we both live in CA), and Michelle would always make the time to hop on a call when needed and was very timely with her e-mail responses. The staff, especially the bartenders, were amazing and so friendly! They were definitely a hit with our guests!
Overall, we were very lucky to be able to say that our entire wedding day went exactly as we dreamed it would.  A huge part of that was our experience with Juday Creek.  Forget every other wedding venue in the Michiana area -- if Juday Creek is available on your wedding take, BOOK IT!

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