John F Parker Municipal Golf Course

  3 Reviews much better than 20 years ago when I first started playiing  golf.
It's like a really golf course now.
Nothing fancy....only 9 holes but enjoyable.

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9 hole course also offers a driving range. Prices are fair and the course is decent. Worth a visit if your in the area.

I would play it again

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This is a great place to bring your 30+ handicap friends.  I think there's only like 15 old guys that play here, and they're usually at the bar by 12.  If you're good enough to play somewhere else, by all means do so.


Empty.  You can come to this place on a Saturday at prime time and get out right away.  I finish 9 holes here with my friends consistently under 2 hours.  It also means those wild slices 3 fairways away won't hit anyone.  Bonus!

Cheap.  Its like $30 to play 18 here on the weekends.  You get what you pay for of course, but its great if you're stingy with the wallet.


Boring layout.  How many holes can go straight ahead completely flat?  Yawn.  There's 1 dog leg in this entire 9 hole course, and there's no hills.  Just tee it up and hit it wherever you want.  There are almost no trees or water.  Great if you couldn't hit the side of the White House with your driver.

The course is in tough shape too.  Its possible that the 15 old men mentioned above also do the landscaping here, but only when they feel like it.  The greens are like putting on carpet covered in molasses.  Nothing breaks at all, so just line it up and slam it on the greens.

Overall Grade: D+

That grade goes up significantly if you're trying to learn the game.  No one will ridicule you here, and you have to be pretty friggin bad to be the worst golfer on the course.  No one hits the ball straight, so if you can hit your tee shot 150 yards straight you'll feel like Tiger Woods here.  Great place to just screw around on the weekends without dropping a lot of cash.

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