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Excellent place to go.  The banquet service and food are wonderful.  Best of all they are having a Comedy Explosion!!! Top comedians from around the country will be performing starting November 1, 2014.  I just found out and am so excited, the price is right, not too expensive. For tickets call 484-641-5481.  My husband and I will be going, along with our friends, can't wait!!

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I was really surprised at how nice of an experience I had here.  I thought it would be a typical muni course... it seemed kind of short, seemed a little too cheap for peak times, the proshop bathrooms seemed a little grimey, etc, but the course is actually really nice.

It was in great shape, the staff was really helpful, and the rangers kept the pace of play moving even though we were playing behind a group of complete duffers who insisted on playing from the back tees.

There were a few rough patches here and there on the course, but the greens were nice, the fairways were in good shape, and the layout offered a challenge even if it was a bit short. My only complaint is that there isn't much in the way of yardage markers or course descriptions.  It'd be nice to know the distance to hazards now and again.

I'd definitely go back.

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The worst golfing experience ever! The greens were in horrible conditions. There was no ranger to make sure people (like the foursome in front of us) picked up their pace of play. The senior citizens flock there and it's like their afternoon to ride around and swat at balls.. Here's an idea, charge more money, get a grounds keeper, hire a ranger and you might have something. This place attracts guys with jeans, hats on backwards and hacks! I went on a Wednesday morning!!! Stay away!

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What a fantastic experience this was.  

I showed up as a single at 9am on a thursday so I figured it would be busy but didn't have much going on that day and though they could try to get me out with someone.  I've dealt with my fair share of salty pro shop/starters and I was pleasantly surprised that they had a seniors home going off right when I showed up and knew I'd never get to play if I got behind them so they offered to drive me to the 2nd tee where they paired me up with a single.

Course-wise the condition I thought was fun and challenging.  I'm usually a bogey golfer who is chipping around the green to try and get up and down yet I found that this isn't a course where you can just hit it close to the green and walk with a par or easy bogey.  Lots of tricky angles, well-placed bunkers, undulating greens make this a good all-around challenge.  The greens rolled pretty good and fair and there's a few menacing par-3's  I didn't think this course was too tough off the tee.  I dont hit driver often and found that a well placed iron or 3-wood off the tee was more than enough, it was getting down which I found to be the biggest challenge - so if you want to improve that aspect of your game (Which is after all the most important part of golf) then Jeffersonville is a great course.

Also played the next day in the afternoon and got caught behind a 4-some who seemed oblivious to a single.  this was on the 5th hole that I caught up to them and by the 8th, a ranger had spoken with them and asked them to let me through so both times I've played, the staff has been great at keeping things moving and keeping the golfers happy.

I also like to walk, and even the peak rate of $28 is great

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great venue for hosting events! my friends hosted a fundraising even here for about 200 people and the space was excellent. The venue is a bit hard to find at first. the gps address leads you to think it's right on the main road, when in fact you have to turn into a dark driveway at the "Jeffersonville Golf Club" sign. keep going and eventually you will see a large building. the entrance was also a bit of a challenge to find for some, since the driveway leads you to the side of the building. But once you get there, there is plenty of parking, and the staff is very friendly (at least the staff that helped with the event that night). I would definitely recommend this as an event space, but as far as the actual golf course,  I can't comment.

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