Jefferson Golf & Country Club

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Jefferson is nice.  Really nice.  Depending how it's set up (pins and rough) it can play as hard as any course I've played.  I am indeed a lucky dude because a college roommate of mine is now an assistant superintendent here and not that many of our friends play golf.  The course is closed to members on Mondays and I usually get to play it with my buddy a few times a month.  Golden Hook-Up.

I love the design and layout of the course.  The fairways are usually pristine, and some of the par 4's are brutally long.  Hole 1 can be a rough way to start a round with a small landing area and a small green surrounded by water.  From there you go to a nearly 500 yard par 4 which is a challenge just to reach in two for most golfers (myself included).  There are two par 3's that are also long (190 - 210) and have huge ponds in front of the greens.  Recipe for disaster.  If you ever have the opportunity to play here, I highly recommend it.  Bring extra balls, though  Danger lurks everywhere at the Jeff.

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