Jacksonville Country Club

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I was there today with the Mary Kay ladies,  a great place to eat great food & have a lovely time in a clean & beautiful place.  Servers are very attentive, sweet & professional looking.

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I happened to be in town for work and had a few hours to kill so I wanted to fit a quick golf lesson in to help me get a head start on the season.  I've been golfing for several years and always take a few lessons a year to help get me off on the right foot and stay consistent each season.  I called around and found a true diamond in the rough.  The head golf pro, Matt, gave me a great lesson at a very good price for a private country club.  (You don't need to be a member to take lessons)

For those of you new to golf, lessons can be discouraging.  You basically have someone telling you that you're doing about 20 things wrong and even when you fix 1 thing you're still doing 19 wrong so you don't always see immediate improvement.  

Matt kept things very smooth and never once made me feel like I didn't belong as a non-member.  He keeps his instruction simple and doesn't incorporate too many changes all at once.  In fact, during the course of our 1 hour session he made 3 changes to my swing (stance, hands, release) but did it in a way that didn't overwhelm me with multiple new ideas.  Each idea built on the last so there was continuity and thought in each step.  Also, his visual aids are simple and easy to understand (I once had a pro in NJ put me in a piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle to understand swing planes...).

My final thought is that the lessons are on the full grass driving range which, for me, is a huge plus over a crappy old golf mat.  Hitting on grass gives a  much more realistic approach than hitting on mats.

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For a place in Jacksonville, I was very impressed. I was here in November. I'm sure it is beautiful outside in the summer. The banquet rooms are very pretty and I loved the chandeliers. The food is ok, but it could be better. Banquet food could be a lot worse.

Their coffee was good and there is a full bar.

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