Ironwood Country Club

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Spectacular grounds and great staff! Beautiful spot for a special event.

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Country Club Event Only Review... No Golf included... Granted it did look like a beautiful course...

I was here recently for my cousins wedding. She and her husband had wanted a unique location for their wedding and they selected this place for both the wedding and the reception. It was a great choice.

There was an infinity type of view rolling off into the distance and looking up at the mountains. In the foreground there were numerous trees, lush green and verdant grasses and the perfect manicured image of a golf course. In the distance you could see the desert in all of its glory climbing up a draw into the rolling foothills. This gave the image of purples, browns, taupes, and greens.  Just a gorgeous view and backdrop.

Pro Tip: this place is located in the southwestern corner of the inhabited area of palm desert and thus is on the edge of the desert making for amazing vistas when facing the mountains.

The wedding had multiple tray passed hors devours including a succulent and super tasty coconut fried shrimp (tails were even removed which was awesome), bruschetta, beef wellington, shrimp cocktail, and spanakopita. I only had the coconut fried shrimp and the beef wellington. Both were quite tasty, but the coconut shrimp only appeared once and they were my favorite.

Dinner was begun with mini rolls (1-1.5" in diameter rolls and mini bread slices). I ended up trying several rolls and a slice of the bread. All were enjoyable, but far too small for me. Next up was a mixed greens salad with avocados, shaved almonds, and blue cheese crumble. This was decent but not out of the world. I have had better and worse salads, but truly nothing spectacular here. The main course was either a fish or beef dish. I had the beef which was an Asian marinated beef rib. I don't know the specific type but it was quite tasty slow roasted and full of flavor. It shredded with my fork and was delightful with a glaze. It was served on a pile of smoothly mashed potatoes and had Chinese broccoli as a side (however most of the leaves had been removed which are the part that I like). None the less it was a very enjoyable dinner. Those that had the fish stated that it was delightful as well. A number of the girls at my table did not eat much of the main course but polished off their salads as well for a random side observation.

The barkeeps did not accept tips and were willing to serve what you requested quickly and efficiently.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening and a great time was had by all who were there. Consequently, I believe that things went quite well and without knowing the costs involved, I truly enjoyed the event.

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