Iron-Wood Nine Golf Course

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I've played here numerous times when I was initially starting out, spent hundreds of dollars on their $100 ($80 if purchased) range card.  However, I am not fond of the new management or ownership.

- Grass driving range - they rotate from mat to grass
- Good course to learn - more difficult than Heartwell
- Has two short par 4's to help transition to playing longer courses

- You can wear a tank top to hit at the range.  However, they told me I can't hit in the chipping area without at least a t-shirt.  Ehh.. not as much of a big deal except it was 90+ degrees this day.  Also, the chipping area is off to the side by the parking lot, not even near the course.  Not sure if they will let you hit at the range either though, I had a range card already so I didn't ask.
- Executive course so it is slow
- Some of the range balls are in terrible condition
- Driving range closes at 8PM, even during summer when it was getting dark after 8:00PM.  Early summer when I would hit, workers will shut off lights at 7:55 or so, so I have to leave the rest of my balls there.  The result, I no longer go here as I get home from work way to late to make it worthwhile.

I'd probably still hit here even though of my grievances because this place is so close to my house.  However, they close way to early for me to get there.  I wish I didn't have 2600 balls on my two hundred dollar range cards when the new management took over.  I would have not purchased it, as a result it has been months and I still have so much left on these cards because I do not want to go here anymore.

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My buddy and I play this course every 2 to 3 weeks, after church on Sundays last played June 29 2014. Fun course to play, 7 par 3'and 2 par 4's plays to just under 1500 yards.
Course, in good shape fairway nice and green, greens are soft and fairly slow.
Pace of play: played twice averaged 1:40 a round.
Driving range: Recently redone. The grass area and it had adequate yardage markers( there is a small chipping area behind the range)
Putting greens: They have 2 and both are in great shape.

Good course to use the whole bag.
Fairways in good shape mowed to about a 1/4" so good lies
Greens. Soft an slow with pin placement taking advantage of the slope.
Good use of water and sloping around greens add's difficulty to a flat course.

Tee boxes: they are small and take a beating, hard at times to find good footing.
Sand traps: only 1 star here, hard as cement better off trying to "chip" out than playing your sand wedge.
Rough: really deep! Ball just gets buried need a weedwhacker to get out!

Short is better than left right or over. With the rough so deep staying in front will drop your score!
On the 2nd hole( the first par 4 over water) if you slice your driver try a 3 or 4 iron. The tree's to the right hang low and with a bunker protecting the green you have no chance of reaching the green. Stay in the fairway and drop your score!

And remember your playing Golf! Relax and enjoy!

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Great course for the price. On a Saturday morning,  we finished in 2 hrs. Thank you fellow golfers for fixing your divots.

Some of the fringes had large bald spots.

Get to work on your irons and avoid roughs, sand and water all on one course. Will be back.

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Driving range is nice and cheap. I like how it's secluded and clean looking with beautiful scenery (typical of golf courses I would say). Such a relaxing place to be. Kind of ironic that it's next to the 605.

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I wasn't to fond of the location being right near the freeway. Especially on the first tee. It made the game-play distracting. Other than that it's an alright course. I've been to better ones. But I would come back if invited.

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