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So here's the deal, I have golfed since I was seven years old, and while I do not get the opportunity to play nearly as much as I would like to I would like to think that I have a decent perspective of what a good golf course is and what isn't. Ironhorse is absolutely amazing! The views are breathtaking and this is probably my new favorite course. The hazards are a good challenge but not overly difficult to navigate, a good balance. Even the sand traps are well-maintained and appear to have proper draining systems so that you don't have water sitting in those bunkers making a muddy mess. The fairways and greens are well-maintained. I believe the Teebox and green on the fifth hole were a little bit rough, and could use a little bit of work, but otherwise everything was in excellent condition.
Nice mix of long and short holes, some straight shots, others dog leg. Definitely worth a trip to Ashland!

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Nice course, but worth driving out of Omaha for?

I'm not a good enough golfer to comment too much on the speed of the greens or the quality of the fairway grooming, but there are definitely a few things that make Iron Horse unique. I can't compare to Quarry Oaks, but we had a nice time at Iron Horse. Yes there are some very challenging holes - even by standards of good golfers - and we definitely lost a good amount of balls in the water.

But at the end of the day, I'd probably play here again. It wasn't to the point of frustration due to the course any more than we could attribute to the 100 degree weather.

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I agree with what Tom said, but, I think it definitely deserves better than 3 stars.  I mean, a couple holes are kind of stupid, but, at the same time... there are a few holes that are better than anything Quarry Oaks has to offer.  

#9 and #10 are probably two of the best back to back holes in Nebraska.  If you are looking for scenic golf, this will have some of the best holes for you in Nebraska maybe besides Bayside way out west.  

A strong 4 stars for me.  Besides Quarry Oaks, probably my favorite public course in the Lincoln/Omaha area.

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Great layout with a couple of gimmicky holes. Very friendly staff.

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