Inverrary Country Club

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Ducked in for a business meeting (I run Amplification, Inc.) with a new catering operation and to talk video production and blogging and it was a fine time, here's why:
* Throw-back decor
* Frosted glass window treatments
* The club occupies the high ground of Inverrary
* My BLT was tasty

Okay so the place is aged and the decor from the late 70's but it still has charm and personality and institutional memory.

I didn't golf. I don't golf. I won't golf. You golf.

Check it out.

Cabeza OUT!

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Inverrary CC was one of the better courses in its heyday.  The course is now very tired looking and needs to be freshened up a bit.  The the greens and fairways need some maintenance done to them.  The course is just ok and there are many nicer courses to play at in the Fort Lauderdale area.  Probably will not be returning to play anytime soon.

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Maybe I haven't played on enough high end courses but this was the first time I ever saw computer tablets installed in the golf carts that provide every piece of information about the course you could possibly need. It also has a score keeping function!

Okay, so I can't judge this course based on its fancy gadgets, I must judge it on the greens, fairways, landscaping, etc. All of which, I thought, were consistent and well kept. I didn't see many unreplaced divots and the bunkers looked fine, (except when I was done with them, haha, just kidding). I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery except for the water, especially when the water met my ball(s).

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I played the East course on June 22, 2013 and it's easily the worst course in Broward County, Florida right now.  The tee boxes are eaten alive with weeds, the fairways are completely covered in weeds and the greens roll like mud.  I was really shocked at the condition because they had a big renovation 3 or 4 years ago.

The price to place there is $22 and that's about $4-5 more than it's worth.  I would only play here if you're completely desperate and cheap!  The only upshot on this is that the Grill is somewhat adequate.  I ordered a hot dog and fries and it was decent.  Not great, but decent.

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Purchased my round courtesy of Golf Now.  This place is great value, and provide great service.  The carts were in great shape and included a modern GPS system, where you can even pre-order some food before you hit the 10th tee.  Really speeds it up!

Greens were a bit rough for Mid November.  

Our biggest complaint was that they were spraying the grass green during our round, and that stuff was getting on everything.  It left a bit of an odor, and our golf balls turned sticky and green.

Otherwise, really enjoyed the round.

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