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Inverwood is a hidden gem. It's technnically a municipal course (owned by the city of Inver Grove Heights), but you wouldn't know it. Unless you live in the SE suburbs it's a bit of a drive, but it is located pretty close to 494/35E and 52, so it's not hard to find. It's also not difficult to get tee times, yet there is enough play to keep the course running and fully staffed. From the tips, it's 6700 yards with a 72.8 rating and 142 slope (Par 72). There is also an Executive course (Par 30) that I've never played but looks nice, as a couple of the holes run alongside the championship course.

As indicated by the slope/rating, Inverwood is a difficult golf course. It's also very hilly, particularly on the Back 9. Overall, I'd say it's a fair test, with a mix of holes that give you some margin for error and those that are demanding. Hole #12 is somewhat ridiculous (240 yard Par 3 from the back tees, with a 100 foot or so elevation drop to a very small target) but also visually awesome. Hole #8 is an uphill 450 yard Par 4 that probably should be a Par 5, but then they give you a relatively easy Par 3 on #9. Even in my best rounds at Inverwood, I lose a ball or two in a hazard or O.B.

The course is almost always in great shape with one notable exception. The bunkers are very inconsistent. Later in the season they are playable, but earlier in the year some can be hard as a rock while others have nice sand.

There is a driving range here as well, though it's not what I would consider a good one. It's grass but sometimes there is virtually no grass to hit off of (all dirt). The putting green is large and located right on the way from the clubhouse to the first tee.

Give Inverwood a shot. I've walked it plenty of times but almost always walk everywhere I play - take a cart if you don't want to deal with a lot of hills.

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I recently golfed there this past Saturday and had the worst golf experience this year. I have 2 stars because the course is well maintain and challenging but service was horrible.

They were not very friendly and they must not know how to book tee times. I know they said they were having problems with their online booking on Friday, but I booked my tee time for 3 golfers on Monday. Got there and they said I only had 2 golfers booked and did not have phone to show my confirmation for 3. Lucky that there system was messed up and they paired my group with one other person.

We started golfing and it was busy by hole 5 a golf attendant was telling us to pick up the pace. We could not hit because the group in front of us was within distance of hitting. Once group in front of us got to green the golf attendant told us to tee off but that we had to let the group of 3 go past. Hmmm we had to wait for them the rest of the way. Then when we hit the back nine the golf attendants told us to pick up the pace. We golfed the back 9 waiting for the group that pasted us and nobody within 2 holes of us the rest of the way.

I would never go back and same goes for people in my group. If you are booking a tee time do it over phone and during the week so you hopefully will not get rushed to run through the course.

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I have to disagree with Mark on this one.  There are a few decent holes on this course, however there are no flat lies anywhere.  You could hit a decent drive and it'll hit a slope and be off into the woods.  I do like the executive course here but the people there think this place is a lot better than it is.  The starter guy, he's pretty cool.  But the douches in the clubhouse shouldn't be around people.  For my time and money, I'd rather go up to Pahlen or Keller and play those if I'm golfing in the city.  I don't live too far from this place and it's the last place I'd golf.

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This is my favorite course in town. When you play here it feels like you are far from the city yet it is a 20 minute drive from Minneapolis. This course is hilly and heavily wooded with dramatic elevation changes.

The course and greens are kept in great condition. The greens fees are a reasonable $36 for the quality of the course. It is a great workout if you choose to walk it.

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