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At the invitation of member, I went here last night for fireworks.  For members and guests the fee was $10 a head.  We sat on the lawn enjoying ourselves and waited for the fireworks to begin from 9:10-9:30.

At about 10:10 still no fireworks!  We left because young children were getting overly tired and some of us adults had to go to work the next morning.  My friend was bothered that there was no explanation from the club as to what caused the delay and a projected time for the fireworks to start. That would have been courteous.

I asked him if he could get a refund on the tickets and he chuckled a no.  Finally at about 10:30 the fireworks started as we were driving home.

At the club, I had a diet coke which was mostly flat.  My friend had a mixed drink and when teasing him about how it was having an effect, he whispered to me that wasn't possible as it tasted watered down.  I guess Country Clubs have a hard time making ends meet these days, but there's no excuse for the lack of communication.

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Played here this past weekend. This place is apparently doing well in this economy given all the high-end cars in the parking lot. It definitely seems to have moved more upscale since the last time playing here back here back in the late 1990's. The clubhouse is nicely appointed and the staff was very courteous and professional. Did not get a chance to visit the pool, but it looked fresh and up to date.

The course itself was nice.  Definitely not the most challenging, but there are a fair number of nice golf holes that require shot placement. The fairways and rough were fair, but the high point had to be the greens. -- they were pretty close to perfect. They didn't look like they had fully recovered from aeration, but they were smooth and fast. We played after noon and the holes were a little ragged around the edges (perhaps a byproduct of the recent aeration???) and the cups themselves were set unusually deep in the ground ---weird!  The sand traps were perhaps the biggest disappointment.  Though they were all freshly edged with a 2" a 3" lip around the edge the sand was light and fluffy beach sand with lots of debris mixed in. On two occasions I almost lost my ball when it hit and the sand above it collapsed over the ball. I'm all for having the bunker be a penalty and would have taken a plug or a fried egg like a man, but the thickness of the sand an the consistency of material was just like the beach and was really only suitable for an unmaintained waste bunker rather than a green side trap at an elite country club.

My only complaint was that there was no drinking water on the course, nor was there a "beer girl" driving around.  There is a snack hut that you drive past a couple of times, but that's a long time to wait and the attendant wasn't all that friendly.

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Went here for an amazing wedding this past weekend, after going to one six years ago or so. The facilities are beautiful and the food is way better than most for wedding food. The salmon and beef tenderloins were both tasty, especially the salmon. It's hard to cook that much steak for large groups and they pulled it off well. The drinks and apps were good as well. Even the salad was perfect.

I was in the wedding party and they went above and beyond to cater to us. There is even a patio for chatting and smoking congratulatory cigars and such connected to the reception hall. Lots of good photo spots both inside and out.

The only negatives were that there was only one bar which could be trouble but the bartender here handled well so not really a problem. The waiters were a bit too eager to take away the food which is a big pet peeve of mine. People are dancing and going to the photobooth and chatting so take your time.

Overall an amazing time. I can't speak to the price which I am sure is high but they come through in every way.

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Came here for dinner with some family members who belong to the C.C. Everything that we ordered came out delicious.... from filet, to lamb, to seafood... spot on. Unfortunately, it was dark when we arrived so I couldn't see the layout of the grounds. I know my relatives have been members for quite some time, so they must really enjoy it!

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I have to say the courtesy of the staff expecially Craig in the tennis club is the best I have ever seen. If you are interested in a membership at a club this is the one to consider. I unfortunately met Craig on Friday because of a misunderstanding but I have to say his interest in showing good faith and making me feel at home was amazing. Thank you Craig and International for your quality service! Aaron

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