Interlachen Country Club Inc

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Interlachen Country Club is truly as good as it gets.  The whole facility is immaculate.  Everything from the dining to the tennis courts, it's all really nice.  The golf course is the highlight.  It's very challenging and it's always in great shape.  All the members are quality and the staff is top notch as well.  This is one of the finest private clubs in the area.

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I'm not a member of this club, but was invited to dinner last night and got to enjoy their lobster buffet. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the food is great (though I can't comment on what their usual meals are like).

There was a wonderful spread of salad, different fish dishes, a huge tray of raw oysters and jumbo shrimp cocktail (and I really liked the cocktail sauce, which seemed homemade), pasta, grilled veggies, a carving station with BBQ brisket (not 4 Rivers good, but still pretty tasty) and assorted appetizers, fruit, cheese, and crackers. At the lobster station, someone will pull out a whole lobster from the pot and expertly remove the shell for you right there, giving you just the meat from the claws and tail with a little cup of drawn butter. (Of course, being Chinese, my husband asked for the brains too!) It wasn't the best lobster I've ever had because it was slightly rubbery, but it was very good for a buffet, and I think I ate at least 2 lobsters! The dessert area is always the highlight for me and I really had to limit myself to only three items. The apricot cheese cake, key lime pie, and apple cobbler were all delish!

I have no clue how much the meal cost per person, but you get the chance to go, I highly recommend it! =)

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