Innsbrook Country Club

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I have been to 2 baby showers and had my small wedding reception here. The food for all the events was really tasty. Today I had a chicken dish where the chicken was wrapped in Phillo dough and stuffed with spinach and cheese with a creamy sauce So delicious! The staff is really nice and helpful! For my wedding there was a choice of walleye, chicken with a cream sauce and an Alfredo pasta. All were very good.

When I had my wedding here the woman in charge of the staff was great. Everything went well! I had to chuckle at my wedding though when I asked a waitress to get me an Arnold Palmer and she had no clue what I meant! Woah!!! This is a GOLF course, you don't know that an Arnold Palmer is a half and half mixture if lemonade and iced tea? Too funny.

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