Inglewood Golf & Curling Club

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The course was hit pretty hard by the flood. They only had 9 holes open when we went. It was a Wed afternoon so that worked out fine. One of the holes was a makeshift one to complete the 9. There was mud everywhere and a lot of ground under repair spots yet the greens were in good shape.  The staff was friendly enough and they had an outdoor barbecue selling hotdogs and burgers.

If you are going to play a round, make sure you have spiked shoes!

I also bought a deal for the driving range, there are a ton of new mats and every time I've gone, I've gotten a spot right away. I would recommend they add an influx of new range balls. The ones they currently have are in rough shape!

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Inglewood Golf & Curling Club is a pretty park by the bird sanctuary in the middle of the city. It has lots of great trees and there's an eagle that lives in one of the tall elms at the fifth hole.

Unfortunately, I have never made it past the first five holes. My first (and only) 200 yard drive off the fifth tee was greeted with thunder and lighting the only time I've ever golfed this course.

The proshop was good about this and I did get a rain-check.

So this course gets three solid stars for three things:
- The staff at the proshop are great
- The course-dogs here are mighty good
- The first five holes are nice

Based on these first five holes, the fairways are nice and the greens fast. I would recommend this course to a group of friends who want to go out for the afternoon, drink a couple of those huge cans of beer and have some laughs.

I will go back to Inglewood Golf & Curling Club to review the other 13 holes and will let you know what I think.


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We tried to go golfing here over the weekend. Attempted to call twice - there was no answer.

So, we decided to just go there to see if we could get on. I've never been to this course, but when we pulled into the parking lot, we were greeted with about 20-30 parking spots reserved for "President", "Administrator", "Accountant", "Janitor", etc. Come on. Ridiculous.

What happened to putting the customer first? It just smacks of a company that doesn't care about customers. They're only concerned about making sure that the admin assistant has a good parking spot. This may be a small detail, but set us off on the wrong foot.

Then we went to the pro shop, and there was nobody behind the counter - seemingly nobody working there, We waited for at least 7 minutes until someone showed up. The guy was not too helpful with us, and he frankly didn't seem interested in helping us.

Needless to say, we weren't able to get a decent tee time, and we opted to go to a different local course.

So, I still have no idea what the course is like - all I know is they don't seem concerned about pleasing customers.

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A challenging mature course with large trees that punish you if you don't hit the fairway. Par 3's have lots of water and bunkers making accuracy imperative.

Good value for money on this semi-private course. Would definitely play this one again.

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