Indian Tree Golf Club

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Took my 6 year old here on Memorial Day 2014. I myself am a Combat Veteran and they had American Flags on all the holes. Pretty cool I thought until I went to check in. They informed me that my 6 year old son is not old enough to play at their course. Anyone younger than 12 is not welcome due to "liability". They made an exception and charged me full price for him. I tee him off from the 150 markers in the fairway and we play fast together so it's never an issue. Legacy Ridge has family tees that play about 2,200 yards for 18 holes and kids play free after 3pm. The Heritage at Westmor is the same without the family tees. I even played at a course in Wichita, KS with my son and brother this summer where they were hosting a US Amateur event the following week. They didn't even charge me for my son to play and that was on a Saturday at 9am. With a golf industry that is trying to push junior golf and get more people involved, this course is taking a stance that they do not support that or solid father/son time on the course. Legacy Ridge and Heritage are far superior courses from a condition and layout standpoint. Indian Tree is a mediocre Muni Course at best but they have a country club attitude. I will never play this course again and I suggest that no one give them their money.

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See tip below. Good course poorly run and managed.  I gave it a couple chances but never again.

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Nancy, Shank-a-lot-a-puss, Snowman, Does your husband golf?, Hey, David Hasselhoff, get out of the sand, you want some swing oil (beer)?, at least it went forward...

These are all the cute little things directed at me when I play golf. I usually shoot in the eighties, sometimes that only takes 6 holes, sometimes 10...but I alway hit 80.

Golf is a great way to get out with friends, make fun of each other and realize your expectations will always far exceed your abilities.

Indian Tree golf course, although this year is having some fairway issues with the early just a great track to lose a ball, 4 putt on a par 3, never have enough club to carry the water or simply enjoy the views and laughs with friends.

Very friendly staff and Marshal's who understand e all aren't pro's and the fun weekend hackers have, and keep the pace going without being rude.

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I live nearby and haven't played the course, but I do come often to hit balls and putt and drink during HH.

The place seems ok for a muni course.  It has a par 3 pitch and putt course, and an 18-hole course.  The driving range is on natural grass.

$4 wines for HH and $2 draft beers.

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Muni course, right off a busy road, that looks like nothing special.  However, play the course and you'll be impressed.  Nice layout.   Greens in great shape.  Challenging elevation changes.  For under $30 bucks it's a very good deal.  I have no problem if rangers are telling players to pick up the pace, as complained of in an earlier review.   If you're keeping up they won't say a word.  
Try it, you'll like it.

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