Indian Ridge Country Club

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OK for weddings and the function room.

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We had our wedding reception here and I'd say everything went smoothly and also perfect! I would definitely use IRCC for future functions.

The room fits up to 250 with a formal head table and 300 with a sweetheart table (according to the manager). We had about 210 people with a formal head table of 14 and I'd say it was just the perfect amount for the room.

The food was excellent. We served a duo combo platter with Chicken Piccata and Filet Mignon along with veggies and red bliss potatoes. Everyone raved about the food. Appetizers were also delicious, I don't remember what we had at the moment so I can't list them.

The service and wedding coordinator were all excellent although sometimes, the wedding coordinator would stand in the most awkward spots and kind of ruined some otherwise nice photos.

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I used to think this was normal...

-Kids wake up before 7am everyday for swim team practice during the summer.
-The most stressful part of your day was making sure you got your own lounge chair within arms length of your lunch cooler.
-On weekdays, kids swim, moms talk, dads work.
-On weekends, kids swim, moms talk, dads golf.
-If you can't afford something, tell them to put it on your tab and magically it will be paid for later.
-All your friends should live in Andover and their parents should have leather interior.

Then my dad lost his job. REALITY CHECK.

Beautiful grounds. Great amenities including pool, golf, and tennis. Decent space & service for functions & weddings.  HOT lifeguards. All this is of course if you can afford it. Did I mention HOT lifeguards?

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