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Just as my title says no bride should ever leave her wedding in tears, unless they are from joy. Three weeks after my wedding and I am still astonished as to how we were treated by the "day of" coordinator Diane. Not only was she rude to myself, my husband, and my bridal party but she got nasty with my guests as well. I was by no means a bridezilla and she took advantage of that severely. When her rudeness was pointed out to her and to her bosses all that was made were excuses and it was made to look like it was our fault. I now can see why they were one of the only venues around without weddings booked out for months/ years in advance. I will never attend another wedding there nor will I ever refer them to anyone for golf or for a venue for anything. To be treated like the dirt on the bottom of someones shoe and to be spoken to and have my guests spoken to in a demeaning tone is just down right unacceptable. Perhaps for the money we spent I was asking for too much to be treated with respect and for a simple apology after I wasn't treated that way, but again they already had our money so I am sure that's why they don't feel that they even owe us that. Yes the food was great, but the room if it hadn't been for uplighting would have been gross given the number of stains we were "assured" would be addressed before our wedding day, the staff was efficient but rude. A bride shouldn't leave in tears and be forced to end their reception early because of the way they were treated. Buyer beware, if you'll be dealing with Diane or the owner you'll be in for a whole lot of let down.

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Celebrated my dear mom's 90 BDay here.  Very good admin, food, service. Really nice views from venue site.

Solid recommendations on music providers, florist, and other vendors.

Only flaw was very worn and very dirty carpets in dining area. I would suggest wood floors or at least new carpeting in a darker color.

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I attended a friends wedding here recently; the grounds are really beautiful and the ballroom was very pretty. However, the place was really dirty! The crystal chandeliers and wall sconces were filthy with dust, the rugs were stained, badly worn, and pulling out at the seams everywhere! As I looked around I noticed light bulbs were out in fixtures and the ceilings everywhere. Another serious concern: the landscape lights that illuminate the trees on the path to the parking lot were "ALL" burnt out! We were in "COMPLETE" darkness as we walked back to our car at the end of the night!  Worst of all, the food was "inedible" the passed hot-appetizers were "COLD", The cheese platter was not replenished, and  the entree tasted disgusting and was inedible. Aside from a great view that fades to black as it gets dark, there are not that many redeeming qualities about this place to host a wedding. I cannot recommend hosting an event here until they fix the food problem and do some serious maintenance.

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Excellent Venue beautiful club and grounds.  The food was excellent and the gold was great.

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I just got married at IPCC on Friday 5/17/13.  I have been in 8 weddings in my life and I have to say that this place was AMAZING!!!!!  My fiance and I were treated like gold from the moment we walked in for our rehearsal on Thursday night.  The treatment continued to our bridal party and families on Friday!  At many weddings the staff is so focused on the bride, groom & guests that they forget about the bridal party.  At some weddings I've been in (most shockingly the most expensive ones) the staff has ignored the bridal party....leaving us starved and thirsty!!

Diane and Pam, who were both onsite the day of, were rock stars!  When we realized my florist had left out one BM bouquet 2 mins before the ceremony Diane personally called the florist (and hung up on her haha) and then MADE a bouquet from some arrangements and we were still RIGHT on time!  Pam was super nice and felt like a friend or family!  You want these two in your corner on your wedding day!  As a corporate event planner I now how important these people are and I am so thankful that I had them.

Also, the lawn is an amazing place to have a ceremony.  Picture perfect!  The ballroom is amazing and so romanic at night.

Can't say enough about this place!  If you are on the fence - you will not be disappointed!

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