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Indian Lakes as noted by others is an unpredictable experience: on past visits there have been people wandering on the fairways, poor service at registration and the course was not well maintained.  

Our most recent visit on Aug. 17, 2013 was satisfactory.  The Pro Shop is staff was professional, our booking was accurate (have showed up in the past to find bookings not recorded) we started on time and the course was in good condition, if a little wet in some areas.  This is about as good as we have found it at IL; we enjoyed ourselves but will not likely go back for a while.  The price was not high, $150.00 for two and a cart, but there are better deals elsewhere in Edmonton.  

One real positive about IL is the grass driving range, no artificial turf T-boxes so you can practice with all of your clubs and get  the same feel as being on the fairway.  The practice green is huge with a variety of holes to offer different challenges.

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I was kinda harsh earlier in the week so I thought I would go back and see if the condition of the course I saw earlier was a fluke.  Well, the course did look better as they seemed to have gotten off their behinds and actually did some diligent maintenance work on the course.  The fairways were mowed, the rough was more manageable, the greens were actually a bit more puttable and the much of the weeks were trimmed off, or at least managed.

However, what I didn't like was the fact that right after we tee'd off at 11am, there were guys starting to the mow the fairways during the middle of the day.  I mean, during peak hours!  At my country club, maintenance begins at sun break and they are usually finished before we tee off on hole 1... and by the time we get to 18th, the crew has finished and gone for the day.  In other words, the crew is usually invisible to the golfers.

Here at Indian Lakes, these guys sitting on those massive mowers just sit and plow away, whether there are players ready to tee off, ready to putt or even just walking along the fairway.  In one instance, I saw the giant mower racing by a golfer who was ready to hit her second shot... was probably just 10 feet away from her... and he didn't even stop!  He kept going.

And when we were ready to tee off, the maintenance guy did stop...I think for his own personal safety..  because he was right in our path.

There's something seriously wrong here at this course.  The management, maintenance crew, course management...  it's some of the worst I've ever seen.

All this for a course that costs $59/round on weekends, plus $35 for a power cart.  $95 bucks will get you some of the best, prime golf in Seattle... just about anywhere.

I would NOT recommend this course anyone who is looking for a even an average golfing experience.

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This course is hit and miss for how well the course is being taken care of because Management seems to change every year or two. This course can be super groomed or a mess at times. I have seen ground workers but also some unknown visitors travelling the course.

The course is located about 15 minutes from west Edmonton on the Enoch Cree Nation Reserve.…

For me this course is too unpredictable for how it is being managed and kept.

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