Indian Lake Golf Course

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Indian Lake Golf Course has come a long way since it first opened 15 years ago.  

The course has gone from 9 to 18 holes and is now expanding its dining room area and adding a golf simulator to boot.  This is one of the more popular golf courses in HRM due to the affordable prices ($20 for 9 holes and $35 for 18 holes) and the pristine condition the fairways and greens are kept over the duration of the season.  

Some changes over the winter have led to the back nine becoming the front nine; this is due to management wanting Hole 18 (the old Hole 9) to be a true closing hole since the clubhouse overlooks the green.

Signature holes at Indian Lake include Hole 2 (the old Hole 11) which is a par-3 where you have to hit over the water to get on the green, Hole 11 (the old Hole 2) which is a downhill par-3, and Hole 15 (the old Hole 6) which is a dogleg par-4 where some golfers get the urge to try and cut the corner and hit the green in 1 or 2 shots which seldom occurs.

The club has decided to end the long standing practice of allowing golfers to pick which side of the course to play for 9 hole rounds, so if you are to play a 9 hole round from now on you will have to start at the old Hole 10.  I don''t agree with this decision as I believe this will only cause gridlock on the course and an eventual loss of business for the owners.

All in all; however, you will enjoy your golfing experience at Indian Lake.  The facilities are first rate and most of the staff are quite friendly, so if you have a few hours why not make a day of it.

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As Adam said.. for the fine folks in HRM, the options for affordable, high quality golf courses is a tough find. Indian Lake gives you the best of the best of those options.

A smaller parking lot is probably the only downfall I can find with this spot.

A beautiful little clubhouse with plenty of what you might need for a round. There is also a kitchen in the clubhouse and the one time I sat down to have a bite, it was a great clubhouse sandwich.

$20 each for a 9 hole round is plenty for me. Great price and even better value.

There is plenty of challenging few holes on here, and have spotted plenty of beautiful wildlife. Deer, and a whole gambit of birds.. and some sunny mornings, even foxes out sunning on the rocks.

It's a gorgeous course for both low and high handicaps alike and for the price, it cannot be beat.

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As far as golfing goes in HRM, this is the best bang for the buck.

It is a 18 hole par 60, so It's a short course, with only a handful of holes where you can dig out the big dog.

But at less then $40 a round during the high season, that is unbeatable for a course this nice.
Pin high offers the same price for 9 holes and I wouldn't waste my time there.

The staff are very friendly, know us regulars by name.  A rough round will still only take around 3 -3.5 hours to play.

I love the views, the woods, the pleasurable walk.

Whether you are new to golf, an old pro, of someone like me who loves to play a game of whack-f*#k , this course is topnotch.

I will be back to play here, regularly.

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