Indian Hills Country Club House

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As usual Indian Hills CC never fails to impress me. We ate here on Friday night as we usually do when I'm in town. I had a wedge salad and penne with grilled chicken & Alfredo.

- Amazing wait staff, this is the cream of the crop
- The food is so delicious
- The atmosphere is warm, friendly and beautiful
- The night we were there was some sort of Jazz-themed night. We didn't sit in the casual dining/bar area where the Jazz was because we wanted to be able to talk easily. However, we were still able to hear the jazz in the background while we ate. It was prefect.
- They have a huge array of sorbet/desserts. Mmmmmm
- Everybody who works full time here knows my dad & step-mom's name and make an effort to say hello every time we come. You really know the members are treated with the utmost care.


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