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My view is based on my wedding.

Not only is the venue breath taking but to work with the 2 Kristin's, who head up the catering events, was priceless. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these two ladies. Over the top wonderful!
To have your wedding at IHCC means a stress free bride. They took care of everything  and all of our special requests.
The food was amazing, or so my guests told me. :). We requested prime rib and it was cooked perfect with awesome flavor.
The staff was super accommodating and, again as a bride, to have a day-of coordinator making sure everything goes off with out a hitch... priceless!!
The entire experience was wonderful and I have no cons for this event facility.  
I just wish we could do it all over again!

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I can only review this based on a wedding.  All the services were provided by the club and they did the best job have seen for a country club.  The service from the staff was friendly and they took care of needs post haste.  The thing that really grabbed my attention and what provoked me to give a 5 star review for event purposes is the food.  It is a tough job to try to service, and provide food for over 100 people all at once like a restaurant.  For the first time ever at a wedding the food was perfect.  The chicken was still crispy fried and the right temp.  The Filet was a perfect temp and medium rare.  The veggies where also perfectly done.  Not under or over cooked.  If I have a choice to do an event here I would take it in a heart beat.  Of course I have no clue what the costs are but I at least know they can easy provide the quality of event services you will probably pay for.

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Great pool and great restaurant!  One of my favorite places to go for dinner in East Cobb.  The bar is a great place to catch trivia night and the Friday happy hour by the pool is a fantastic way to end the work week.

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Buyer beware, if you're going to sign your kids up for tennis lessons here, make sure your kids are ready to fully invest into tennis beyond the fun/hobby level. They are there to train your kids into tennis champs on a competitive level(since Robby Ginepri trained here). I used to take lessons here when I was in high school, and I liked to play tennis for a hobby and as a fun way to get some exercise. Because I wasn't willing to dedicate all my spare time to practicing, I was often spoken to harshly and continuously threatened, one time an instructor threatened to punch me in the mouth if I couldn't get my serve right. After complaining to the management, that particular instructor avoided me, but it was clear I was with people who took tennis very seriously. I hope they've changed their lesson techniques and have a better staff.

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We recently joined Indian Hills Country Club as an alternative to our neighborhood pool, which has no weekday lifeguard service and is trashed on weekends (or at least it was last year...though we're hoping it will be better this year). Also we were looking for an alternative dining establishment. They were running a membership special so we purchased a social membership. Generally, the social category is full but there were some openings this year.

We've dined on about 5 occasions since joining. The prices are VERY reasonable. We've been on Thursday, which is $3 martini night along with kids eating at half price.

The menu is seasonal and changes about every six weeks. We've always found something enticing on the menu. My favorite is the shrimp and grits. My wife likes the prime rib. The kids always find something they like on the kids menu and I think a drink is included for them. Plus kids also get ice cream after their meal.  

The menu includes a selection of appetizers, though we've never ordered them.  You get bread with your meal, so we usually just suffice with that for an appetizer.  There are a number of salads, including ones with chicken or steak that can act as your entree.

As I noted, the entree menu changes every six weeks or so, and there are a mixture of dishes.  Generally, you'll have your choice of beef, chicken, pork, and fish.  We've not yet been disappointed with the choices.  

The facility was renovated a few years ago and is still in excellent shape.  You have your choice of indoor dining or dining on the verandah overlooking the fairways.  In good weather, the verandah is the way to go.  However, many table inside also offer a view of the greens and the surrounding neighborhood.  

On the average Thursday we spend $52 including tip, tax, and two martinis each for my wife and I. Granted we are not saving anything the monthly dues, but they are better priced than lesser establishments in the area.  

The service has always been prompt and courteous.  We always have reservations when we go, and I don't think we've had to wait ever to be seated.  I've noticed that the servers know the longer term guests by name.  Our kids enjoy going, and we've noticed they've improved their table manners a good bit.  Previously, Koko the sign-language talking gorilla had better table manners than my boys (they were akin to Ralphie's little brother from A Christmas Story).

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