Indian Hill Country Club

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I worked at the swimming pool during the summers of 1969-1970.  Those were the best days of my life.

The swim team was called the Choppers, and they won the champtionship of their league during the summer of 1970.

We invented the soft drink called "the Yuck" which was a favorite of the members.

The parents used to have to drag their kids home at dinner time; the place was so much fun.

I met Bill Murray there and thought he was funny before anyone knew him.

My boss was Wally Gart (Gator), who was the best boss I ever had.  I had dinner with him in the fall of 2011 during my visit from CA and we drove by the pool just to take a look.

Gunner Johnson

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Now this review might be confusing given that it implies that I actually belong to Indian Hill, one of the hollowed NJA bastions on the North Shore, and most people that knew me at the age of 12 also remember the glory that was my bat mitzvah, "Rachel's Rainforest" -- but one of my most darling, waspy friends has been a member here forever, and so I was treated to a little Indian Hill love for her bridal shower over the weekend.

The club is beautiful -- lots of wood paneling and appropriately garish wallpaper -- and the food is surprisingly yummy for a country club. It's the type of place that most of my friends' families have been members of for years -- so once you're in, you're in it for life -- if I was 35, had 4 kids, and some extra dollars, I would definitely consider belonging -- the golf course gets good marks from those in the know, and if you need to entertain your chilluns for hours, just toss em in the pool or onto the tennis court and go get a mani/pedi -- it's a win for everyone -- be sure not to forget your Lilly dress and Jack Rogers.

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This is the club Bill Murray and his brothers caddied at while at Loyola. It is the inspiration for caddyshack.

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