Indian Canyon Golf Course

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This is a municipal golf course.  The grooming, facilities and amenities all reflect that.  The greens, predictably, are a little furry.

Now, let's move beyond all that--95% of all courses in American would kill for this layout.  Yes, the views can be spectacular, but even without them, you'll find yourself saying, 'wow...this is a pretty hole'.  

As has been mentioned, level lies, even in the fairways, are uncommon.  The offset is that many fairways are valleyed, meaning somewhat errant tee shots will feed back into a favorable position.  Doglegs are plentiful.  Some of the elevated greens--18 in particular--are daunting.

For under $30, you can't go wrong.  But unless you're highly fit, make sure to spend the extra dollars for a cart.

Excellent experience.

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Beautiful golf course and great value. Do not attempt to walk this course due to the constant elevation changes.  We were all tanked by 9 and had to upgrade to power carts. Much more enjoyable!  Some gorgeous scenic holes. My only complaint about this course is that the distance markers are scarce / hard to locate if they are even there. Combined with the above mentioned elevation changes, this made club selection very challenging even for the most seasoned golfers in our group. Directional signage also needs improving as we often were left wondering which direction the next hole was.
And the cart beverage service was much appreciated!  Megan is fantastic and very friendly!

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This is one of my biggest disappointments at a golf course.  I'm sure the course is great in other years/times but not when I went.  Here is why:

-The golf shop isn't impressive at all.  It's more of a small room that happens to sell some stuff.  They don't have a wide selection so don't expect to get anything from there.
-Terrible greens.  When I say terrible, I mean the worst I've ever played on.  It made my experience horrible...I wish I had taken pictures.  The thing that pissed me off was that they didn't tell me that the greens were horrible and the round cost me 230ish got a foursome.  After the round, I approached the staff and they said, "everyone in Spokane knows about our greens this year."  Well..I am not from Spokane.

Food is good and the rest of the course is in decent condition.

Like I said, it's probably a good golf course but I won't come back and risk the greens being in the same condition as I played in.

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One of four City of Spokane courses, Indian Canyon offers a stern but fair test for golfers of all skill levels. At 6,255 yards from the tips, length off the tee is not the issue. Accuracy, by contrast, is hugely important. Put it in the fairway and you can score well here. Miss fairways and you can start chalking up doubles or worse.

The course is maybe 10 minutes from downtown Spokane and is less than $30 for 18 holes. A total bargain (as is all golf in Spokane). The course is also VERY hilly. Rent a cart if you're even slightly unsure if your ability/willingness to combine golf with mountain climbing. Because of same, you'll rarely encounter a flat lie, even if you pipe one down the center of the fairway. Great for practicing tough shots, though admittedly a bit frustrating from time to time.

Cool trivia: this course was on the PGA tour rotation back in the day (it hosted what was then called the Esmeralda Open). All the great players of yesteryear (Palmer, Nelson, Hogan, etc.) played it.

Indian Canyon offers a full-service pro shop. The driving range is spacious and features real grass to hit off. Practice putting green is good, though they don't have a practice sand trap. Course includes a full restaurant with good food, beer, and wine. The views from the restaurant are spectacular. Course staff are all super-friendly.

In short, a great golf experience for golfers of all skill levels. If you're a golfer passing through Spokane, you really owe it to yourself to play here.

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A classic golf course in Spokane with a lot of history and tradition.  The views from the tee boxes on both sides overlook Spokane.  The rest of the course is down hill from here.  The course is very hilly which will give you many side hill, up hill and down hill lies.  Practice your aiming as you will push, or pull shots normally not used to.  Overall a good course in Spokane.

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