Hyland Hills Golf Course

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Hyland Hills is a great all-around golf course that combines the beauty of an old Scottish "links" golf course with the modern feel of a newer american course. Most of the holes are hard enough to challenge an experienced golfer but easy enough to be fun for someone who has absolutely no idea how to golf properly. The golf carts are a new eco friendly electric model that are nearly silent. The one problem with this course is that it features a lot of water, especially if they are going to be selling balls for $2.00-$3.50 apiece.  Even if it has a lot of water, it still manages to be great for all skill levels. As an additional bonus, the clubhouse has a modern feel to it and it's a great place to knock back a few sodas after a successful round of golf. Five stars all around!

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So I know, it's odd to go 5 stars for a golf course...

Let me start by saying I'm not a golf snob. I prefer places with cheap beer and friendly staff. This meets both of those concepts perfectly. The newly renovated club house is nice, the restaurant is great & the course is a blast.

I actually hired their club Pro to tech me the sport and Joe was wonderful. If you like a laid back environment or need some help with your swing look no further than Hyland Hills.

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A go-to place for locals who want cheap golf.

For an inexpensive tune-up, this is a good place to come and concentrate on your iron play or short game. Be prepared for slow play, inexperienced players, and plain old hackers. But that's what you get at these types of places that really cater to kids and the par-3-course type of crowd.  

THIS is THE place to play for beginners. I brought my wife here to play the Par 3s as she was learning the game (she subsequently gave up, but who knows maybe someday right?)

Serious golfers will likely look elsewhere, but this is a fun family golf place or laid-back day off. It is best to come during the week, as weekends can be crowded and slow.

You don't have to worry about dress codes or any snobbery, it just isn't that kind of place.

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So much fun! A beautiful course (including a great Par-3!!), and gorgeous new clubhouse surrounded by well kept gardens. Also a big putt-putt place on the other side of the parking lot but have not checked out.

We stayed for dinner on clubhouse patio one night and had a very nice time! I hope to go back when they have the large fire-pit burning.  I think they were understaffed -on perhaps an unexpectedly busy night- so service was pretty slow, but friendly. At least we weren't in a hurry... (which I never get at a golf course anyway.)
There was a pretty good selection of food on the menu, although the salad was very basic and not very crispy lettuce. I hope they are just working through some opening kinks or something and that it will get better... still a beautiful spot for a beer!

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Still can't get excited about HH. I attended the new clubhouse dedication and thought things would get better. I returned the following night for a round and dinner in the stylish new restaurant. After dealing with slow play issues on the course I had to deal with slow service issues in the restaurant. The owner walked by tables that needed busing the entire time we sat there being ignored by the wait staff. At 17 minutes in I was still waiting for a beer so we balied. There were two tables in there and 5 baffled waitresses were overwhelmed. Pathetic.

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