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Hunter =Country Club - The place for someone who wants to begin golf in a relaxed atmosphere or just settle in for a casual round.

In 2010, while trying to break into Golf (I had caddied as a boy some 15 years ago)  I had a couple horrible golfing experiences being paired up with people who were not friendly at all and thought I would be sticking to mini-golf going forward.  Well, for Christmas 2010, Santa finally bought myself a computer that was capable of getting an internet connection, and I was able to research some courses.  After going to a few, and having a decent time, Hunter Country Club intrigued me - why?  Because I could find very little information on it.

Well, anyways - all I can say is for anyone who wants a relaxed atmosphere, out in the country, don't have to be particularly skilled, but the course is still fun if you are - Hunter is the place to go.  I would recommend for anyone, save the more experienced golfers to give Hunter a shot, although I am hesitant because I would like it to stay not crowded.  I'll list Pros & Cons as well as some of the more memorable holes below.


-You can bring your own drinks & food, in fact are encouraged to, since all they sell are potato chips and a small cooler of soda.  (Only 18 hole course I'm aware of that encourages you to do this.  Although my friends love the fact you can bring your own drinks, I am personally partial to being able to pack a sandwich, chips, & string cheese to head out to the golf course with.  You can eat if you need to let others play through)
-Inexpensive, less than $20/person walking on the weekend
-Houses do not come into play
-Clubhouse is just a trailer (I'm not much for those fancy places, when I play golf, I just want to get away)
-Course is not too difficult, a par 69, with 6 par 3's, and 3 par 5's.
-Short but clever design
-Course is rarely crowded, you can walk on the weekends or even holidays with minimal wait time
-The fellow golfers here are the most laid back I've ever seen.
-Easily walkable layout
-Great view from atop the 18th tee
-Greens are flat and easy to practice putting on.
-Par 4's are easily reachable in regulation
-Staff is friendly


-There is a Hunting Range behind the 15th, 16th, & 17th holes which no matter what you say, will bring back those fears of being in the hood again (After all it is called Hunter)
-More experienced golfers may find this track a little easy.
-There are a lot of hackers, so if it is busy, expect a fairly long round.
-The scorecards are only sheets of paper
-No driving range or putting green
-The Course is prone to flooding after heavy rains, particularly the front nine
-Greens are fairly beat up in spots  (I've heard half of the holes closed a few years ago in plans of development, but reopened when the deal fell through).
-It's in Richmond, and while this isn't a knock against Richmond, my job is in Chicago, so it's a long drive out to Richmond.

Memorable Holes:
Hole 1 (Par5):  Long, open Par 5, great way to get some practice in for the rest of the course.
Hole 6 (Par4):  Has a nasty front right bear claw shaped bunker, but this is a fun par 4.
Hole 7 (Par4):  Risk/Reward, can you drive the green?
Hole 9 (Par4):  Only Par 4 over 360 yards, fun green, and I always seem to drive this hole well
Hole 12 (Par4):  The smallest green you will ever see will really challenge your short game accuracy.
Hole 15 (Par3):  Nice and short with the largest green on the course, fun hole to play.
Hole 16 (Par4):  Shorter par 4 that plays fairly easy if you stay out of the woods.  My first ever birdie and only hole that I've ever birdied twice.
Hole 18 (Par5):  Only 500+ yard hole on the course, and runs next to Route 173, offers some great views from the teebox.

Conclusion:  Well, if you're expecting the Trump Towers, don't play here, but if you've ever considered playing your first round of golf golf or are novice, intermediate, or just looking to have a fun relaxing time, Hunter is the place to go.

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