Humber Valley Golf Course

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Saturday september 27, a perfect fall golf day, we had a foursome set for 1:20pm tee off, 2 walkers 2 with cart. course was backlogged so we teed off at about 1:45. Waiting at every hole, the whole course was full so there were no "slow groups" holding anyone up. Took about 3 hours to get thru 9 and the 10th holes had 3 groups ahead of us waiting. Asked for a 9 hole refund we would leave and play another time, this was denied.
2 walkers of our group had to leave after 16 holes as they had other commitments for dinner that evening and who would have thought it would take 6 hours to play humber.
Then finally about 7pm just finishing 17 the marshal told us that was our last hole as the cart had to be back by 7pm. Had we known this before we could have sent the 2 walkers back with the cart when they had to quit and continued with their pull carts they rented. It would also have been helpful if the pro shop warns us about the 7pm cart curfew when we signed in and they knew they wee backed up bad. Or perhaps when we can in after 9 and offered to quit and come back.
Or maybe they could have foreseen that 7pm was going to cut a lot of people out of a full round and stayed late 30 or 45min to allow a few more groups to finish the round they had paid for.
Nice little course, badly managed that day.

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This is by far the best municipal course in Toronto.  There has been talk about switching the 9's as the two hardest and longest holes (16 and 17) are right at the end of the round.  Well maintained and a good deal for the money.

Get there very early on weekends for a reasonable round in terms of playing time, as it can be quite slow.

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Recently attending this course as part of a Company wide tournament and as a course it is really good with a choice of 18 holes.

The holes range from par 3-5 with a chance to really hit that drive on holes 16 and 17.

Overall the course is suited to all skill levels with an option to pay the first or last 9. For anyone who wishes to have more of a challenge with bunkers and ponds then only a 3 of the holes here would have been that tough.

Okay so the things that annoyed me -

- golf buggies are not quick enough and they tip over too easily on any small hills

- can not bring our own food or drink on the course

- they advised us that golfing attire must be worn with no cut of shorts or t-shirts allowed, however on arriving at the course looking like a grammar school punk I saw plenty of shorts/t-shirts and other more relaxed clothing

- golf club rental they charge $25, there were four of us two with our own sets so we decided to rent one set to share to which we got told  that we can not share a set! WHAT your luck we even cared enough to rent ONE! As we could have easily have shared our two personal sets between four of us.

- tees and golf balls! Another rip off! They only sell the balls in a box of 18 for $20 which maybe okay if your expecting to lose a ball on each hole or your just crap at golf but how about selling them individually or including a few with the golf club rentals! Same applies for the tees why charge for little pieces of wood? I had some already and I went through 5 for the whole course.

So overall as a golf course it is well maintained and challenging for a beginner to intermediate player.

Being that it is a public course they should do more to attract people to this totally, boring to watch but fun to play sport, and not rip them off on the details such as golf clubs as most likely beginners will not have their own set.

Would like to return but me and my group are not allowed :( but there are plenty of other courses around the GTA which I would like to try out.

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