Houston Country Club

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I had the pleasure of being invited to a company party here recently.  It was beautiful.  I've lived in Houston for the majority of my life and I never even knew this place existed.  Granted I don't run in many circles that might get me in here.  

There is plenty of parking if you don't valet.  When you enter the main area it's HUGE.  For this particular party they had all of the Christmas decorations up with a GIANT tree in the lobby. Great for pictures!

The main room is huge.  Perfect setup for this party as it allowed for a live band to be placed on stage and the middle area to serve as a dance floor.  I could see a high end wedding be here.

The food was sublime.  The steak was cooked perfectly, tender.  The staff couldn't have been better.  They made sure all of our glasses were always full.

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I was here for a luncheon event and it is absolutely beautiful!  Also the lunch was great, not your typical rubbery chicken :).  I self parked in the underground parking garage and they have a tunnel that leads up to the front.  It is kind of confusing at first but once you keep walking it is easy to find your way around.  I would definitely recommend them for luncheons and other events!

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The food here is amazing. We hold an event here monthly and it is just always perfect. Love this place!

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Country clubs always intrigue me.  They tend to be elitist, impersonal, and very dated.  Though the Houston Country  Club meets all those requirements (and more), I'm giving them such high marks because of the amazing food we had last night.  It really was that amazing.  The cheese selection alone was enough to put me in heaven.  Their chocolate fondue had that perfect balance of sweet and bitter so it didn't overpower the fruit (or cookies or marshmallows or cake).  The sliders were not very successful, but shouldn't they know that leaving the buns on a hot plate will make them hard if they're not eaten immediately?  The flavors in everything else was great.  The tamales were wonderfully spicy, though a little dry.  The enchiladas were wonderfully cheesy.  The seven layer dip was well made, though not maybe the most elegant thing to have at a cocktail party.

As for the rest of the place, it was generically country club-y.  The decor had the ridiculously commonplace Asian themed lamps and tapestries.  The couches and tables were well placed allowing room to sit and talk without making it feel crowded.  The staff was pleasant enough, though the lack of parking wasn't fun to deal with.  The golf course itself was being well utilized and the green was perfectly manicured.

If I were about 20 years older and had a ton of money, I could see myself getting used to this kind of place.  Until then though, I'll limit my visits to special occasions once in a while.

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