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We live in this neighborhood and are members of this country club...   This is our club and we all need to support it to keep it viable...  But that support is not hard because the food is great....   Delivered on time...  And the wait staff wonderful.    Clearly 4 stars....

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This is a review of the Country Club restaurant, first off.  I'm not making any claims for the course or other aspects of Houndslake.  (Disclaimer!)

Anyway, I just had to write something because I've been to Houndslake CC twice in two weeks and I was very impressed.  I usually end up here once or twice a year, for a charity event or fundraiser; and usually it's just about the same pace as the other country clubs or hosting sites (Woodside, Newberry Hall, etc.)

This year I worked with the CNTA Golf Tournament, which ended in a catered luncheon for the awards ceremony.  There were many choices for sandwiches and sides, all the food was top quality, the meats were top notch and the sides were plentiful.  It was very impressive for a lunch event.

I also worked with the SRNS company to raise money for The Children's Place on Celebrity Waiter Night and I must say, the dinner that night was incredible!  All proceeds were going to charity, and the staff was volunteering alongside very non-experienced volunteers doing the serving and bussing for over 150 people.  

What was surprising was that not only did they pull off the actual serving of the meal very well, the food was much improved over previous years and was above the quality I am normally used to at such events.  I had the Filet Mignon and my wife had the Stuffed Salmon and they were both out of this world!  Large portions of the best food I've eaten at a country club in a long time; and the wines were very well matched to the food, without even knowing the actual labels.

All in all, a great place to hold a group event, such as a fundraiser or golf tournament, awards ceremony or any special meeting.  Two thumbs up!

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