Horsham Valley Golf Club

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Played a round (two-some) today and was pleasantly surprised with the course. Despite the other online reviews you can google about it, it was well maintained and very good for beginners. Also, during the round, a manager came out to make sure pace of play was good (there was a group in front that was pretty slow).

$23 for a weekday after 1pm is tough to beat. It was pretty packed (Friday afternoon, great weather), but well worth the time and money.

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I've only played a handful of rounds in my life so keep my lack of experience in mind. I really enjoyed the course. My buddy and I played on a weekday with a cart for less than 40 bucks each. The place was fairly quiet with just a few guys eating in the clubhouse. We had no tee time which was fine seeing as no one was waiting to play.
   Course was in good shape with nice fast greens. Fairly easy course with some interesting challenges along the way. I never felt like I was in over my head.
   Over all, had a quick yet relaxing round. Great course for beginners just getting into golf. Inexpensive, relaxed atmosphere, not too challenging.

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