Horn Rapids Golf Club

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I played there on a Saturday near the end of July 2013.

The staff member in the pro-shop must be a graduate of the "Surly" school. Best way to describe him is "grumpy Old Man"

The course was well watered, so well that the water squished under your feet when you walked on the fairways and greens.

that being said, there is NO WATER on the course for the golfers to drink, at least not until you get to the 16th hole, where they have a bathroom facility. As I said, it was the end of July in eastern Washington and very hot and no drinking water on the course.

The beer cart visited us once during the course of our round.

I am a Tri Cities resident, it's been a couple of years since I had played here last and it will be a couple of more before I go there again.

without customer service, you will have no customers

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Great course for a casual outing, especially if the focus will be on beers rather than birdies. $35 for eighteen, including a cart, seemed a fair price.

The course offers an interesting layout -- and if the wind it blowing, it can be a tough test.  The greens are decent, and the fairways are in good shape, but the bunkers and tee boxes are poorly maintained.  It may be due to the wind, but there was an unfortunate amount of litter around the course.  The place has a run down feel to it... Someone with some cash could really make something special out of this property.  Heck, someone with a few buckets of paint could make a big improvement.

The demeanor of the the clubhouse staff was a real downer.  The guy who took our money was not at all friendly, and the girl at the snack bar, while pleasant, was AWOL when we arrived, and we waited around for ten or fifteen minutes before we could place an order.

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Honestly, this is not a bad course. My wife's family had a big scramble here, and we all really enjoyed the course. It's no Pebble Beach, but the course is entertaining and pretty well-kept besides the driving range.

The driving range was in REALLY rough condition. The lanes were all divot marks and sand, though props to them for having a grass range.

Otherwise, a fun course to play if you're in the area.

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