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I have had the opportunity to patronage the HCC several times in the last few years.. mostly for work-related meetings and such... and I really enjoy the venue.  

First, it's tricky finding the place.  It's like in the middle of a neighborhood, so be sure to check out the map before starting out.  I still use my iphone to get directions just to make sure I don't miss my turns.  

Food is pretty good.  The bruch they serve is pretty good w/ and omelette bar and bacon (what more do you need right) and some really great crepes.  Lunch is quite varied.  Sometimes they've served a make-your-own-sandwich" bar, other times a more traditional type buffet style.  The food wasn't outstanding, but pretty good.  

And the coffee is excellent.   Compared to the Pearl Country Club (whose coffee tastes like liquid dirt) it was superb.  I think good coffee should be a must for any meeting place.

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Met with Dean in regards to having our wedding ceremony and reception here.  He was very helpful and did not try to up sell us on anything. He actually gave us options on how to save money and areas that we shouldn't spend too much money on.  The venue is great. I think just pulling in. The waterfalls had me sold! I hope I can convenience the other half to book this site for our wedding! =)

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Great venue for an organization's meeting or party.

Food was better BY FAR than Pacific or Plaza Clubs, although the ambiance is better at the other two.

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I felt like the prodigal son returning home.

I didn't realize how much I missed - how much I love -  the banquet services at the Honolulu Country Club. HCC had been an integral component to my previous career at Graham Builders. For five years I was responsible for organizing the company"s monthly, sometimes bimonthly educational seminars.  With the exception of Danny and Charlote's estate, it was the only venue the Graham family used for large celebrations. Over 70 events were booked during my years there. When I think of business gatherings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, mahalo parties and other Graham fetes, I think of HCC.  

Let me tick off a quick list:
*Excellent service from events manager, Dean Horikami.
*Spot-on care by the waitstaff.
*The most onoliscious banquet food! Sushi, desserts, carved meats, Hawaiian food (omg their laulau and stew are to drool over) and more! Check out their menu at  honolulucountryclub.com/….
*PLENTY of FREE parking.
*Stunning view of their lush golf course.
*Nice bathroom (very important to us females!)
*Good sound system.
*And everyone there is super duper nice!

Which leads me back to why I felt like a weary traveler returning home. Every staff member gave me a huge smile when they saw me at a wedding last night. Most gave me a hug, too! It was comforting to see the same staff and quality remains. I highly recommend the Honolulu Country Club for your next event!

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This review is for those that plan to have a nice intimate wedding reception there from a guest's point of view (I missed the ceremony, that story to follow).

I totally missed the ceremony, but the setup looked very nice. The chairs could be a little nicer looking but at least they were not decrepit. I'm not counting this toward the review as the setup could have been either done by HCC or the wedding party. I just thought I would mention it.

The dining hall that held the reception was large and open. No giant pillars blocking guests from seeing the head table. I'm not sure how many could fit but I'm guessing it could fit 200 guests easily. The back walls are glass and you can see a nice view of the golf course.

The food was delicious. The buffet that for the wedding consisted of a garden type salad, salmon tofu salad, potato salad, fruits, steamed veggies, rice, steak slices (ranging from medium-rare to medium-well), some kind of seafood chowder (lots of scallops and shrimp), stuffing and I think roast pork. I ended up going for seconds for the steak because it tasted so good.

I am sorry that I have no commentary on the desert as I got full eating the steaks and seafood chowder.

The service was awesome. I never had an empty water glass for long, the workers are very attentive. Also, the workers were nice if you had a question.

I think guests would enjoy celebrating a wedding here. Nice atmosphere with great food and service.

Okay, side story that has nothing to do with the review but more as a word of caution. The google maps direction to HCC is incorrect as of 10/11/2011. Google maps ends up sending you to Salt Lake District Park which is no where near the entrance of HCC. Hopefully, the directions will be corrected for the next person getting directions from Google Maps.

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