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Nestled behind beautiful homes you drive to where you think a place like this cannot exist and voila you find an unreal oasis in paradise! The settings are so serene and lush! It quiet due to residential surroundings but I love it! I really want to move out of town now to find a gem like this! Here for a conference with buffet breakfast bar and photos say 1,000 things so here are my 2 photos for you to decide for yourself! Will definitely come back here!

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My brother and his fiance have been planning their wedding for over FIFTEEN months and everything finally came together at the Honolulu Country Club! They had a beautiful ceremony on the golf course followed by a reception for about 150 guests in the main ballroom. It's easy to forget about this venue because it's hidden away in Salt Lake but the grounds are gorgeous and I love the gigantic pool of water as you drive onto the property.


+Gorgeous grounds that are a perfect backdrop for all those wedding photos that have every variation of family member possible.

+Reasonable cost for venue/food and they let you bring in your own drinks for the bar as well as pupus. They even let us bring in two Samoan dishes for the buffet to add a little extra flavor to the evening's festivities.

+Location can't be beat as it lives in that beautiful place outside of the congested center of Honolulu but not on the West side. It's basically the Switzerland of Hawaii.

+Service was great! They were very vigilant about clearing plates and rubbish throughout the evening.


+Venue is pretty dated. Think fancy Brady Bunch wedding where Marcia marries Greg. Gross, that's still her brother!!! But who cares if it feels like the 70s, that didn't stop anyone from having a total BLAST at this Chinese + Samoan + Japanese wedding!

+They forgot to cut and distribute the wedding cake. But the upside is that I got to eat it the next day and I'm going to be eating it for the next week. It's DELICIOUS!


This was one of the best weddings I've ever been to, but I will admit that the love I have for my baby brother and the happiness that I feel for him finding his soul mate might leave me feeling a bit bias.

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How do you expect to find this place if you don't have GPS? i feel like this country club is hidden in the valley for rich and upscale people. it is very nice country club. from the enterance  it has nice water fall and person greeting you where you are ahead it for.

I been here few times just for the wedding, i love to play golf here one day but i guess i have to find someone who is member. HCC has big ballroom which i thought it was good. you can have big wedding or big company party.

The staff was very kind and accommodating. I they keep coming back to refill my water and coffee. how nice of them because there are hundred of people here to refill water and coffee. it isn't a easy to satisfy that many people.

Food was nothing out of ordinary but still good buffet. they have normally carbs, vegetable, meat and fish. at least it was food wasn't all dry and taste less.

I think this is decent place for you event. it's not super fancy but it's still nice.

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Our Aunty treated us to brunch today and it was delicious! They had a ginger pork with gravy that we could not get enough of and the beef stew was very tender. They had this layered jello that was a local favorite and I've never had it before. But now I'm going to have to recreate it at home. The service was impeccable. Our glasses never went empty. Very happy with our experience.

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Company Christmas party here today and the food was excellent.  Big array of salads which include a lot of local favorites such as Chinese chicken salad, somen salad, tofu salad rainbow jello, potato/mac salad.. 3 entrees one was a pasta dish bow tie in a cream sauce, much like Alfredo, fish in butter caper sauce, and a braised beef in yummy gravy.  That's all I can think of to describe it cuz I don't know what it was.  It was however very tender and kind of like a pot roast in a rich brown gravy.  
The desserts needed a little more variation as there were only 3 types of cakes, Dobash, Guava, and Coconut.  The Coconut cake was very good, I didn't have the Guava, but my friend said it was very good, fresh and moist. The Dobash was the problem, everyone agreed it was rather strange tasting, therefore the 4 stars instead of 5. The cake was dry and the frosting which is suppose to be pudding like, was a bit bitter and strangely salty, as if the baker used more salt than sugar. No-one likes a too sweet cake but salty? That's strange so I told the waiter and he just took the cakes away leaving only 2- selections of cakes, the Coconut and the Guava.  What's up? Overall good food and nice setting. Wouldn't mind coming again since we had so much fun. Merry Christmas to all.

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