Hominy Hill Golf Course

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Nice course but not friendly Marshal. In fact he was Bossy with negative attitude
Not playing there again

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Great public course. Very well maintained. Pretty long. Good variety of layouts. Practice range sucks. Fake grass over dirt. Cant tee it up. Not sure why they cant have a grass range at this place. Its one of the best county courses in nj thou. Built by a shipping billionaire for his private use.

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Being the Golf snob that I am I am fairly critical of courses and certainly will be more than critical if it is acclaimed to be spectacular.  This County course is rated as one of the best public golf courses in NJ...  was able to secure time via friend who lives in town and off we went.

Old NJ style clubhouse nothing very special... Advantage has driving range, though some sort of simulated mat with dirt was not really very good. You also could not get your tee in the ground on the practice range so hitting driver was an issue.  Practice green was damp, bumpy and slow please don't tell me the course will be this way.

On to the course.. played the back 9 first which was much longer than the front. .. Actually a very nice layout with some very nicely maintained fairways with deep rough so deep you can't find your dam ball 3 inches off the fairway.  ...  Come on man shave that rough a tad... it is so penal, you have to hack it back to the fairway.

Traps were very good but of course public golf courses and the ettiquette of these people simply not racking foot prints drives me nuts.  

Back to my pet peave... GOD HELP ME WHY CAN"T SOMEONE ROLL A PROPER GREEN..   Slow, then fast... Uneven to say the least, bumpy with no rhyme or reason to which is fast or slow .....  Ruined the entire experience with greens of this magnitude on a very nicely laid out course.

No Food & Beverages to speak of other than the cart girl... All and all a nice day but I won't play here again just because of the greens.

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Good course to play.  The greens were very fast, but well kept.  The course was in good shape overall.  It seemed to be a pretty long course as well.  I wish there was better food/drink options.

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