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As I do not golf, this review is for the bar/restaurant only.  Being Leicester residents, we have often driven by Hillcrest and noticed their sign for seafood.  Being curious, we stopped in the other evening for dinner.  We were a bit put off by the shabby condition of the buildings and the gravelly parking lot.  We weren't even sure through which door we should enter the restaurant, but we eventually followed the lead of others arriving at about the same time.

The interior of this bar (I wouldn't call this a restaurant) was dumpy and in dire need of updating. The room is dark and outfitted with only bar tables with stools high off the floor, which makes for difficult maneuvering for the handicapped (or the intoxicated).

As was to be expected, the menu was pretty limited, the few dinner selections listed only on a blackboard near the door.  My companion and I both had the fish and chips ($10.95).  A large portion of haddock sat upon a virtual mountain of very good lightly-battered fries, too much for even the hungriest to consume.  The batter on the fish, however, was very heavy, oily and not at all flaky, coming off in big chunks while consuming the filet.  The fish itself tasted old and smelled very fishy---not at all to our liking, and we didn't eat much of it, but rather filled up on the fries.  Drinks were relatively inexpensive ($3.75 for a bottle of Heineken), but were served with plastic cups (chintzy), as were all other beverages.  We noticed that most other patrons there at this time, were drinking heavily before ordering food.  Keno playing is quite popular.

In my opinion, Hillcrest is not "on-par" with other the country club dining facilities I have experienced.  And, if I was a golfer, I don't think would golf here as the grounds look a little dumpy, and it seems that you must cross the busy road in order to finish your round (dangerous!).  I have driven down Rte. 56 near the club only to see traffic stopped for the crossing of golf carts.  
We will not be returning.

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Sure, this isn't the greatest course in the world.

But hey I am also not a pro by any means.  

My friends and I drive out to this course numerous times throughout the season. We live in Waltham.  

WHY?  Because it's cheap and it's hardly ever packed.

I can't stand going to a really busy course and having people on my ass the whole time.

Last time i went to Hillcrest my foursome had the entire course to our selves on a picture perfect day.  

The guy in the club house is also the man. You forgot a club, he'll have something for you.

Always lets us know if there are any holes that are having drainage problems.

And always tells us to take our time and enjoy our selves.

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