Hillcrest Country Club

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Great. So clean, beautiful, and the staff is just amazing they have tennis corts, golf corts and pools

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I like everything about this club except for one thing: the course design. There are plenty of outstanding amenities and an incredibly friendly staff. Although the course is well maintained, its design is lacking. The course isn't very difficult and most of the holes are too straightforward for me. Errant shots are usually punished by lost ball / OB, unlike the best courses where mishits leave the golfer with a more difficult shot. The bunker placement is suspect, fairway slopes strange, and rewards for aggressive play non existent.

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I haven't been here since I went off to College; Since then much has changed but this jewel tucked away in the hustle & bustle of the city has remained the same. This year My Grandfather, Sol, sponsored me as a gift for passing the BAR; I can't wait to carry on the family legacy and bring My Children and Grandchildren someday, as well as impress the living daylights out of any perspective partner or associate.

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I was invited here over the holidays and it sure was nice.  Like everything.

I even left my phone in the car.   Some sort of policy, but I like it.

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Matt B. got a new job this year, and for the first time in my life, I got to go to a swanky company holiday party. We spent a lovely Saturday evening at Hillcrest, drinking wine and hitting the buffet every half hour.

Hillcrest is a country club in Century City. It's historically Jewish, from what I understand, erected in a time when Jews were barred from other elite social spaces. We only saw a small part of the club, but that part was pretty lovely. The venue was nice, a wide reception space I'd imagine gets used for weddings on a regular basis.

The spread was spectacular. There was a seafood station with a wall of crab claws, cocktail shrimp, and lobster meat. A man shucked oysters on one side, looking very industrious. I was tempted to stuff myself on crab and shrimp, but managed to make the full rounds. I filled plates with sushi, both nigiri and tiny cut rolls with eel and roe. I sampled the dim sum - shrimp dumplings and lettuce cups, meaty little shumai. There was steak and a mashed potato station, and for dessert, an ice cream sundae bar with liquid nitrogen ice cream. Good show, and everything was much tastier than it had to be. Service was also fantastic - every employee was friendly, and empty plates and glasses were cleared with admirable efficiency.

I already liked my husband's new job, but I like it even better now that I've been so directly spoiled. We had an excellent time at Hillcrest, and I hope to confront that buffet again.

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