Hillandale Golf Course

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What a great course! Not only is this an awesome course to play but these guys also provide an awesome community service that seems largely unknown. They have a club called the Hillandale HEARTS (Hillandale Embraces A Really Tough Situation) for children who are undergoing treatment at Duke for Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant. The kids are able to come out to the course and ride the golf carts whenever they want as well as play the course with their very own set of size appropriate clubs that they get to keep! all for free! This place is an asset to the community!

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A true Durham experience, let me start it that way. Another way I could do this is to paint a picture for you. Toward the back nine holes, part of the Hillandale Golf Course runs along a street. And on this street you have folks with spinners, rims, wheels, loud cars, thumping music with flashy colors. Needless to say there is an interesting dichotomy between the mostly white, preppy golfers on the course, and the mostly African American drivers and bystanders on the drag watching cars. My buddies and I considered driving our dinky little cart down the strip, but we couldn't do it. We DID play VERY carefully on one of the holes, as children scampered onto the fairway. I must say that all of the peacock strutting of the cars forced me to step up and play a little bit better golf.

Also, they overbook this course on nice days. Or maybe it was a nice day after a heavy rain, so everyone was golfing slowly. The course dudes kept us moving, even though we broke out into a rendition of Sweet Dreams Are Made of These and also accidentally hit another dude's Bridgestone ball. Boy was he angry. To be fair, he hit it onto our fairway from another tee. Shoot straight, shooter. Oh, that's another thing about this course--it's fairly cramped and close together, so people are CONSTANTLY losing balls onto and between other fairways. Everyone gets frustrated. I guess we all need to play better.

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