Highland Springs Country Club

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Had lunch there today. Ordered the Ozark chili and chicken wrap with chips. The chili was awesome and those homemade potato chips are too. The wrap was good. I was impressed with the food quality and service.

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I really enjoy spending time at Highland for several reasons.  First of all, the service in every aspect of the club is fantastic.  I really do feel like the staff would bend over backwards to ensure that you have a quality experience.  

Secondly, the golf course is beautifully maintained and is very challenging!  I have not played every course in town, but of the ones I have played, this one takes the cake.  

The new Executive Chef is fantastic.  Since he has been there I have zero complaints about the quality of food.  The Sunday Brunch is unbelievably good. You can pretty much ask for anything you desire, and they will do their best to accommodate.  

The facilities are really nice.  Lounge 19 is a great place to hang out and have a few drinks.  The pool is great for families.  They have a designated kids area that I would have loved to played in when I was young.  The tennis courts are well maintained, and they even have a clay court.  

Finally,  the people I have met there have been incredibly warm and welcoming.

I really can't say enough about how much I enjoy spending time there.

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My family have been members here for years and we have never really done any thing but the Sunday brunch ( WHICH IS EXCELLENT!) and the pool which is always crowded and very "clicky". But all and all it's a nice place and there is nothing more fun then rolling down the golf corse!

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Overall, Highland Springs is a decent facility.  They are getting more family friendly each year.  They do kids shows/lunches.  They have movie night, where the kids can eat from a specialized buffet and watch a movie while the adults eat a peaceful dinner in the dining room.  Pool could use more lounging area, but I think that is an unforseen function of increased membership.  Remodeled 19th hole bar is swanky and gets good live music at happy hours.  
The staff is top notch and always very courteous and helpful.
Dues are reasonable, dining room prices are comparable to any restaurant of the same caliber.

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If you feel like a big fish in a small pond and want to be surrounded by some others who also perceive themselves as big fish- well, you will feel right at home here.

So- for the price of a more than decent car-(golf membership), monthly dues and hostage dinners (more on these in a minute), you too can explore the joy of highland springs.

Golf- well, despite my parents best efforts, I still suck as a golfer.  I have driven a cart on this course and had fun trying to retrieve sliced balls out of the water hazzards.  It is a beautiful course.  I have played on better- that I can say.

Pool- Great pool areas.  The adult pool is ringed with a metal gutter- um- hello- where are we??  Southern MO.  It gets HOT here.  I have had the pleasure of trying to comfort my niece as she nursed her burned feet from it.  The baby pool is nice, and has good seating around it.

Dinning-  The holiday brunches are pretty darn decadent. Sunday brunch is also damn good. Regular lunch and dinner?  I can easily pass!  Hostage meals happen for members every month.  This means that you either eat here, or pay for uneaten food.  Nice- a way of guaranteeing that your restaurant is used.

Tennis- I do not play. I learned racquet ball before tennis.  Seriously- once you learn that first, controlling your swing is almost impossible. However, I do know quite a few people who greatly enjoy tennis here.  More power to them!

Guards- Yes- this is a gated community.  I just don't get it.  I realize it is not the only one in Springfield, however, come on... this area is not a mecca for crime.  Maybe a mecca for meth labs, but home invasions and murder- nope.  That being said, the guards are always very friendly when we drive through to visit people.

Houses- There truly are some gorgeous houses here.  They are pretty amazing.  

The members here seem to greatly enjoy the services, and possibly, the misguided prestige of being a member.  Not all of them feel this way- of that I am sure.  That being said- it does have some great services.  Just not my thing...oh, and from the web- it looks like they are now sponsoring specials.  I am sure that all of the Golf members who paid the full price are really- REALLY thrilled about the new discounts... Recession... naw...couldn't be.

If you are really looking for fun- stop and turn right before you hit the guard house- you will be at the football hall of fame.

And YES- DAD- I know you found YELP.  I don't want to hear anything bad about this review!!

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