Highland Greens Golf Course

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Let me just point something out right off the bat. I am not a golfer. I just like to golf.

In fact, I suck at it. So, for me, a 9 hole, par-3, public golf course where I can play night golf and throw back a few cold bruskis is the perfect place for me.

I am not concerned with the quality of the greens, difficulty of the course, depth of the rough, or any of the other things real golf enthusiasts might care about. "Easy" golf courses are challenging enough for me as it is.

That being said, Highland Greens is the only lit golf course in the C-T. There's something really cool about playing night golf that makes it more fun (probably because if I suck I can just blame it on the fact that it's too dark).

If you're a casual golfer who is looking for a place to go, or if you've always wanted to give it a shot but were afraid of looking stupid, this is the perfect place. And since it'll only run you $13-15 for 9 holes, it won't break the bank either.

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