Highland Country Club

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Had a wonderful chance to be invited to a beautiful wedding at the Highland Country Club, located on top of a private drive in Fort Thomas, KY.

The set up was amazing, from hurricane vases provided by the country club, to Hor d'oeuvres that were masterfully colored from a chef's eye. We were served a combonation of a juicy plump filet and chicken marsala smoothered with a savory mushroom sauce served along with a vegetable dejor, and baked potato. When all was finished the service had cleared the dining room promtly to serve petite desserts, consisting of minature cheesecakes and other delicious sweets. The server covering my area had drinks coming to us, and the bartenders were happy to serve us, as a country club worker would be imagined to be. The wedding turned out great and i was told it wasn't set at a bad price either. Everyone seemed to enjoy theirselves! Great time, great place, great food, great service. 5 stars all around. (now i just wish i could afford to become a member here, very fine dining)

As a side note... checked out the golf course with a few buddies... stunning beautiful greens rolling on the hills in Fort Thomas. Great place to golf.

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