Highfields Golf & CC

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We were so pleasantly surprised with the great service and perfect meal we had :) my fiancé ha short ribs. She said they were the bet she has ever had! I had the Baramundi, it was delicious. We also ha homemade sangria which is so yummy! I will definetly go back. A hidden gem in grafton (at least I didn't know about it for far too long).

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Review of function room.

My husband and I were married here this past Saturday, and we are happy with the location and the wedding coordinator.

Location is well marked from I-90
Lots of natural sunlight
Handicap friendly
Great food that is on-site with knowledgeable staff. We had 4 gluten allergies on our guest list, including me, and it was important that no one get sick!
Wedding coordinator was attentive and responded quickly to emails.

They decided to rebuild the patio the week of my wedding, so it was closed. Bad timing, but what can you do?
The wedding coordinator I had originally signed up with quit shortly before our big day for personal reasons. The replacement was good, but I could see that being agood tough transition. I consider tgis to have been a minor issue, but I was a little miffed the old coordinator didn't announce it until after the tasting for the 2014 brides.
My tables were not set up correctly. Each individual table was correct, but the locations were off and misnumbered. Small potatoes.

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This is a review of the golf course, which is outstanding.  The course has a different feel than others in the area.  Each hole has a different look with the exception of the side by side par 3's (#2 and #10).  No matter because the course is completely pristine.  There isn't a blade of crabgrass or weed to be found here.  The landscaping and attention to maintenance gives the course a private look.  The staff is friendly and nice starting with the guys who get your bag out of the trunk. I love Highfields and can't wait to return.

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Great course, well maintained. Good value.

Can be tough to get a decent tee time, but it's definitely a course worth playing.

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I'd give it a 2.5 stars, but there is no such category.   Other than their nice servers, the only quasi saving grace were the chicken wings.  Its pub food, and greasy.  Their mushroom pizza had lots of flavor but super greasy. BUT when their french dip sandwich lacks flavor and the bread is simply not a good vessel, I know I must say adieu. Not overly impressed.  Drinks are run of the mill pub and they don't have good wines.  We walked in because of an event we had attended earlier in the day and we were too hungry to wait to drive to food.  Service is pleasant, but if you are a foodie - use your gasoline wisely and go somewhere else in Worcester or Shrewsbury if you are craving pub fare.

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