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Went to HPCC for Christmas Eve dinner.  I couldn't believe how busy it was.  We heard two different numbers for attendance.  One staff member told us 750 guests were expected, another said over 900.  Either way, it was a ton of people.  Every single room in the Emerywood clubhouse was filled.  There were long lines for the buffets, one set up in each hallway.  The parking lot was full, so people were parking on the grass and in the street.  I've never seen it so busy!  I thought we're still supposed to be in a recession.

The clubhouse was decked out for the holidays.  A big "Happy Holidays" ice sculpture with changing lights was set up inside the entrance.  At the ends of either hallway were two giant, well-decorated Christmas trees.  Smaller Christmas trees were positioned in various rooms.  A group of Christmas Carolers walked around and sang.  They were dressed in traditional English attire and sounded great.  Santa Claus was also present and he was quite an authentic-looking one, from beard to costume.  The kiddies LOVED him.  I almost wanted to get a picture with him, but I didn't want to stand in line with all the little munchkins.

Because it was so crowded, the tables were really packed in, especially in the grill room.  This made it difficult to maneuver in certain spots.  Maybe they can improve upon this next Christmas.  I'm not sure if they expected this many people to show up.

I don't remember all of the foods, but some of the spread included three different kinds of salads, casseroles, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and freshly sliced prime rib, ham, and turkey.  The dessert bar consisted of a variety of pies and ice cream.  Pecan pie FTW.  Generally, the food was good, as it normally is.

I'm pretty sure the staff was at full force on Monday night.  Everyone was incredibly polite and warm welcoming, even though they had to work on Christmas Eve.  Kudos to them.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at HPCC's Christmas Eve dinner.

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