Hidden Valley Golf Park

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I love this course. I've played lots of expensive members only courses that were just a bit better quality than here.  The greens are a bit slow, but it's a challenging course for sure. They don't put a heck of a lot of money into the cart paths or fountains or anything.  the sand traps might as well be leech field sand, but hey, don't hit into the Beach and you're good.  The fairways and greens are well maintained.  They aren't glassy cut smooth like country clubs but it's like 12-15 bucks depending on time and day.  

Don't play the par 3 unless it's free or twilight, that's not worth it AT ALL.  Very poorly maintained to the point that they shouldn't even bother having it.  

Also some of the "course wardens" are old jackasses who are on power trips and like to give people a hard time, especially younger people.  

But it's a slower, hidden gem, kinda place.  You rarely have to wait around for slower golfers, or groups, there's rarely leagues or tourneys to be stuck behind.  

And there are gas golf carts (except for after 4, twilight hours) which are fun to go around in, and beer cart girls in summer.  

Better than Kingston Fairways for the price.

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I've been looking for reasonably priced golf in NH for a years, now, and have had to sacrifice heavily in quality courses to save a few dollars. For a golf course that is also an RV park, and also as affordable as any other in the area, I expected what I'd seen at other inexpensive courses in southeast NH: dandelions and other weeds everywhere, patchy roughs and half-dead greens.

That said, this course was fantastically maintained. Fairways were short, greens were green, which is often an issue in northern New England. Something to be aware of is how thin many of the holes are; fairways are wide enough, but there is hardly any rough between them and dense forest. If you tend to slice or hook extensively you will probably lose a few golf balls out there.

The only negative experience of the day was that the guy mowing the tee boxes and greens seemed to be following us around. Despite an empty course, he always seemed to be on the hole we were walking to or from, and never shut off his machine. A small price to pay, though. We will be back.

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This place is perfect to go if you are just starting out - it is cheap.

As for the course, it is TIGHT and in BAD shape. There is virtually no maintenance of the course on the front nine, the back is definitely better, but still rough. I played here when I first started, and liked that no one was on the course, but now, I realize how bad it is compared to other courses.

Then again, you're only paying like 15 to play...................

If there are storms nearby, stay away from the back nine, you'll have about a 1/2 mile run back to your car surrounded by lightning.

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